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I was late to the dance in discovering Cul de Sac, but when I caught on, I went back and re-read the strip for hours on GoComics. It's a tragedy that so many talented people are being affected by Parkinson's like Richard Thompson, but I love how he's using his condition for a greater good, all while keeping a sense of humor. I guess that should be no surprise for a brilliant cartoonist.

I'll miss not seeing new strips, but I still have hours of reading on end from the back catalog. Glad that is starting the strip all over again on September 24. Godspeed, Richard. Thanks for all of the smiles.

Julia Gigliotti

I didn't grow up in a cul-de-sac, but reading about the Otterloop family and all their wacky adventures has made me wish I did. Thank you Richard for allowing me to remember what it's like to be a kid again. I can't wait to start reading the strip from the beginning on Monday (9/24), on

Elizabeth Phelps

Oof. I have a feeling Sunday's going to be rough.

Thanks so much to Richard Thompson for the amazing strip and to everyone on Team Cul de Sac for spreading the word about Parkinson's disease!


"Cul de Sac" has been one of my favorite comics for several years now, and I'm very sad to see it go. Richard Thompson is a class act.


I've been looking forward to Sunday's strip but I know it will be bittersweet. Cul de Sac is one of the best comics out there-so poignant and thoughtful and in touch with real lives. I wish Richard Thomspon the best in his fight against Parkinson's. I recently purchased all the available collections so that Cul de Sac will always be within arm's reach.


I love this comic strip! This is one of the best in our Sunday paper, and I will be sad to see it go!

Joe Cholewa

I always looked forward to seeing what Alice, Dill, and Peter were up to. I will truly miss their antics. I wish you the best in health! Thank you!

Jon Uban

Cul de Sac was the last thing I read in the paper each day ... saving the best for last! My wife is in the challenging profession of teaching (elementary art) and I used to cut out the occasional Cul de Sac cartoon for her to take to school to tape up in her office for when she needed a laugh. It works ... she hasn't killed anyone yet!


I was saddened to learn that cul de sac is over - or over as I've known it. I have talked about it throughout the years to my family and friends. I loved how the parents were with Alice and Peter. They were so respectful of the children but guided them, too. It was a wonderful parenting lesson each day. I loved Peter's "sensitivity" and his dioramas. Oh, thank you so much for the strip and I wish you well. I wondered why the strip said "dying art." I hope not. I will miss you.

Kathryn Kosman

I noticed the spaces among the comics this morning and realized Cul De Sac was missing. Then I read that yesterday was the final post. I feel I lost some dear friends as I daily looked forward to the antics of Alice, Petey and friends. I particularly enjoyed the relationship of the parents with these two precocious children. They were right on! I am a retired teacher and drew from experience the joys of interacting with the Cul De Sac children. May God bless you as you face the challenges of Parkinsons.

Shirley McKnight

Dear Mr. Thompson,
May God bless you and help you on your journey with Parkinson's Disease. You have blessed so many lives with your cartoon. I am a grandma and I so admire Mrs. Otterloop. She is the kind of mother that I wish I had been. You have nailed Alice's independent spirit and Petey's neurotic soul. What fun they bring into our lives. You found your niche in your life. Not many of us can say that. Thank you for cheering up each day in mine.

Liz from Austin

Cul de Sac is a favorite of my daughters and myself. We love the drawing and the imagination and sense of humor. My husband is 53 and has been living with Parkinson's for six years now, so I understand a bit about the challenges you face. I hope you find effective therapies and that the research catches up to where it needs to be. I am buying the Team Cul De Sac book and look forward to sharing it with others. Thank you and hope to see you back in the funny pages sometime.


Dear Mr. Thompson,
I will miss reading your comic so very much! As a mother of 3, I enjoy the strips that seem to come from people that are sharing their life experience with us all. I OWN an Alice, thank you for the memories.
Take care. My mom has a Parkinson's diagnosis as well, be good to yourself.
I do hope to hear from Alice again very soon.


I've read Cul de Sac from the beginning, in the Washington Post Magazine, and Richard's Poor Almanac before that. Richard, your gifts are both graceful and prodigious. I'm heartbroken that this disease prevents you from exercising those gifts, and I'm heartbroken that the disease prevents us from enjoying them. But I'm also grateful at what you've been able to give us--and hopeful that we'll have more from you in the future. In the meantime, care for yourself and your family, and know that there are so many people out here who wish you well. Thank you.

Sean Flyr

Mr. Thompson,

Thanks for sharing Alice, Petey and all the rest with us. I will greatly miss reading your strip each day. All the best with your health, and thanks once again.


Mr Thompson, thank you for sharing the Otterloops and their adventures with us. My daughter (19) and I have enjoyed them immensely, and it was something that we could share and enjoy when things were tense. I wish you the best in your fight against Parkinson's.


I'm so sorry to see Cul de Sac go on hiatus; it's by far my favorite comic strip. We have a Peter who reminds me so much of your Peter. Mr. Thompson, thank you for sharing your wonderful comic strip, and I wish you the best of luck in dealing with Parkinson's Disease.

Carl and Valerie

My wife and I just returned from a trip overseas and was shocked to not see Cul de Sac in our Monday paper. Upon going online to see what was up, we were dismayed to hear of your illness. The Otterloops were the most enjoyable and interesting family EVER.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for sharing them with us.
We will be thinking of you and sending our best your way....
Carl and Valerie

Sonja Bolon

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Thompson!
<3 Your Otterloop family is a part of my family forever <3
I wish you all the best with health as your challenge with Parkinson's Disease gives a a life- direction-detour ~ (sigh, we all get them, big and small... yours is one of the bigger). Your posivite attitude is going to play a huge roll in your life.
I raised two girls and have six young grandchildren (same family). I am with them frequently. I have taught Pre-school and substituted in elementary school ~ I "know" and love all your Cul De Sac Kids ~ They are called "off-beat" by those who explain your humor... but they are very real to me. [I was like Mrs. Otterloop with my two girls and Mr. Otterloop actually reminds me of my Dad when I was little.] Good job! It is like you have looked into my life and found the quirks and set them free! ~ Sonja

Rob Dean

Dear Mr. Thompson,
Thank you for sharing your Otterloop world with us for as long as you could! We will always have Alice and her classmates for the rest of our lives thanks to you and your wonderful sense of humor. Dancing on manhole covers, buckethead, Ernesto the invisible friend and Dill were great characters and we shall miss them all! I feel like hanging out with Dill now. I think I will sit with him and wait on Alice's porch and hope for nothing but the best for you and your family.
Thank you and good luck in your next chapter in life,

Larry Blumsack and Carol Wintle

We wish you the best, peace and comfort, and thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives since the strip started. We looked forward to our guaranteed laugh of the day. In fact, Cul de Sac was the major factor in our continuing our newspaper subscription to the Daily Boston Globe. From the outrageous to the most sensitive stories portrayed in the strip you created characters that became part of my family. We often wondered what motivated the creative genius behind the strip. And that's not easy considering I'm very chronologically gifted. When I opened the paper today and saw a replacement strip in the location where yours normally appears I became alarmed. I went directly to Carol in shock and then to the Internet to discover that cul-de-sac has been put on hold due to your condition. On one hand we are deeply saddened and wish you the best, and on the other hand thankful for all the joy you brought to our lives for so many years. I know we'll keep on laughing as we think about all the Otterloops, their friends and adventures. You and your cartoon family/friends will be sorely missed.

Claudia Salzberg

I felt like I'd been punched in the stomach when I saw the Washington Post's note about the ending of Cul de Sac in Saturday's paper. For years Cul de Sac was the last thing in the paper that I read in the morning - it was something to look forward to as I slogged through the generally depressing contents of Section A. Cul de Sac nearly always made me laugh out loud, and what a wonderful gift that is. My deep thanks to Richard for all the joy he has given us, and I wish him and his family all the best.

Rebecca Hayman

We are so sad! Although Cul de Sac didn't appear in our papers until recently, we enjoyed it immensely, often commenting how much it mirrored our own family (which lives on a cul-de-sac!). How often we've had a favorite comic strip, only to lose it (e.g., Calvin & Hobbes, Far Side). This ranks right up there with them! The comics paper may be a dying breed, but I will not give up! We're saddened to hear of Mr. Thompson's disease and wish him the best.

Rob Smith

Thanks for the humor that Cul de Sac brought into our house each morning. Not since Calvin and Hobbs have my wife, Rebecca, and I enjoyed a strip so much. Our thoughts are with Richard in his struggle with Parkinson's. Rebecca has advanced MS and a close friend has Parkinson's, so we know the obstacles.


Greeting from Boston. I have enjoyed reading Cul de Sac the past couple of years and will sorely miss checking in with Alice daily. Thank you for your talent and insight. May prayers and laughter sustain you through this difficult time.

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