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Cul de Sac - Alice and Petey Otterloop
Sunday, September 23 will mark a sad day for the GoComics family: the indefinite hiatus of Richard Thompson's Cul de Sac beloved comic strip. Richard is ending his strip due to the challenges that Parkinson's Disease has brought to his life. A huge circle of support, including fellow creators, the Universal Uclick/GoComics family and his fans, is surrounding him with love and expressions of gratitude for the daily humor that he's brought to our lives in recent years.  Read a special Q & A session between Richard and our Vice President/Editorial Director John Glynn here, where Richard talks about his condition and the comic.


However, we're a group that likes making lemonade out of lemons. And this is where you come in. We'd LOVE for you to leave a comment below, with any thanks for Richard, any stories on how the Otterloops have affected your life, what you'll miss most about Cul de Sac and any other notes of appreciation that come to mind.  We'll share these with Richard throughout his treatment, hoping to bring continuous happiness to him and his family during a challenging time. 


The other good news: on Monday, September 24, we're starting Cul de Sac all over again on GoComics.com! The first frames from his initial syndication days of the comic strip will begin at that time, day-by-day in chronological order. 


To gift a book of Cul de Sac comic strips, see the entire collection here:



Please leave your kind notes and thoughts about Richard Thompson, Alice & Petey Otterloop and Cul de Sac below. We - and Richard - would love to hear from you!





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