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Hello, and thank you for clicking on the Wish List button. When there are people who enjoy the comic strip enough to drop a few bucks on this, I’m nothing but grateful. I’ve tried to include items that can help me in the inspiration, writing and drawing “Tom the Dancing Bug,” so by choosing to send something my way, you may be contributing to the comic strip.

If you send me something through this list, and you email me (at saying so, and including your mailing address, I’ll probably send you a thank you card with a sketch on it. Nothing at all commensurate with the item you sent me, and not intended to be quid pro quo, but purely in the spirit of expressing gratitude.

Note: When you get to the “Choose a shipping address” page, be sure to click the “Ship to this address” button above Ruben Bolling.

Here is the link to the Amazon Wish List page.


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