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Readers can e-mail Ruben Bolling at

Ruben Bolling reads all reader e-mail and tries to respond to most. However, he regrets that he does not respond to all e-mail, due to occasional bouts of disorganization, work overload and/or delusions that he’s some kind of big shot. He does appreciate e-mails containing thoughtful comments, macaroni and cheese recipes, and lucrative proposals from Hollywood bigwigs.

If you use the subject header to indicate that it's not spam, you will help to ensure your message doesn't get trashed (e.g. an email titled "Hiya!" may get deleted as suspected spam, while emails titled "About the latest Tom the Dancing Bug comic" or "To Ruben Bolling" or "Giant Wombats!" will certainly get read). Also, please do not send attachments.

Also, unless you specifically request otherwise, Ruben Bolling will assume that your e-mail may be quoted on his blog.

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