Alien Invasion by Ruben Bolling


January 30, 2019

Can you spot the criminal danger: the footnotes


This week's comic has some statistics in it, and I thought I'd share the sources that I wrote about to the INNER HIVE on Monday.


Because the only the best comics have footnotes!



"49 out of 50 extremist murders in 2018 were committed by domestic right-wing terrorists."

OxyContin "promoted its use to doctors as safe and non-addictive, contributing to an addiction epidemic that now kills about 130 Americans every day."

Undocumented immigrants are "convicted of crimes at a rate of about 0.75%"

And Wikipedia lists 26 "key" members of Trump's 2016 campaign, five of which have now been indicted or pled guilty.
(George Papadopoulos was a Trump advisor who also pled guilty, but he isn't listed as a key member.)


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