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June 02, 2011

Mickey Mouse: Race to Death Valley (Fantagraphics)

All signs are pointing to "Mickey Mouse:  Race to Death Valley" being an A+ book.  The advance word from people who have seen it is that it's a perfectly-done compilation.  The preview distributed on Free Comic Book day was spectacular.  And comics experts have long rhapsodized about the underappreciated/underexposed Floyd Gottfredson Mickey Mouse comic strip.


Now in stock at Amazon.  Can't wait to read it.




By the way, it may seem ironic that I'm recommending this book a week after featuring Mickey Mouse in a comic strip critical of the Disney corporation.  But while I may criticize some of the things the company does, the truth is I'm also a HUGE fan of many, many of the things it does and has done.  Now even more so than when I was a kid.

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