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November 06, 2009

Bend it like Beck

As much as I revere Jon Stewart for so many things, he's never really distinguished himself as a impressionist.  He'll do little "heh heh hehs" for George Bush and a hunched "wak!" for Dick Cheney, and they very effectively and humorously fit into his style, but I never saw him even attempt a sustained impersonation.

Last night's caricature of Glenn Beck was a virtuoso performance.  If you totalled all the time I've ever watched Beck, it might equal the seven or so minutes of this piece, but I somehow recognized all the pitch-perfect inflections, gestures, and histrionics that Stewart hilariously evoked (not to mention the substance of the satire).  He doesn't lose himself in Beck, the way a master impressionist would, nor does he try -- he's still Jon Stewart acting like Glenn Beck -- but who cares?  It's very, very funny.

Well played, sir!

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