March 21, 2014

Name: Robert
Returned from: Iraq
Email: [email protected]

There was a lull in the battle of Samarra and most of us retreated into the upstairs master bedroom of the safe house we were fighting from. Some threw their kevlars to the ground and sat on the floor panting and guzzling down water. I collapsed face first onto the bed. Covered in sweat, lying there exhausted, I could smell my feet through my boots. It had been days since my sniper team had gotten to Samarra and every day we fought in the blistering heat continually sweating. The sweating only stopped at night when we would then freeze in our wet uniforms as we sat on rooftops enforcing curfew through precision marksmanship.

As I lay there, battling off the after-shock of combat, a prayer call began. There was a window half open just above my head. It was a small window covered in hot dust, but still clear enough to see the city skyline from. As the prayer call continued, the city fell silent. For the first time in months, I began to feel a strong calmness in my soul. The calmness soothed my entire body as the old man in the mosque tower a few dusty streets away beautifully sang the prayer, and the warm September breeze blew onto my face from the dusty window. For this brief moment, I was at peace.  


I wish that peace always be with you, and when it isn't you have a range of people supporting you here. I am ever thankful for what you do for this country and our freedom!

I send prayers of peace to you along with your fellow soldiers. Always remember when you feel that nothing that your doing matters it does. Your service to your country is protecting your family's freedom, your comrades freedom, your fellow American's freedom, your own freedom, and also my freedom of someone you never met. That small prayer that you say to your self may seem small but it comes to us which comes translates to support from us to you . My prayers are being sent your way always thank you!

It's amazing how some people pray that HE be with us and some even believe that they're chasing HIM......when all along HE was right there just needing to be released by affirmations of your belief. Be blessed!

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