January 20, 2014

Name: David Stanford, Duty Officer

Sandbox_CoverAt some point in the not-so-distant future we are going to stop posting new content on The Sandbox -- concluding with a final permanent intro that will explain what the site archive is, for those who may find their way to it in due course.

But before we get to that moment I would like to extend an (urgent) invitation to everyone who has posted on the site over the past seven years: If there is one more story you’ve been meaning to tell, one final reflection on your deployment, or your reintegration, or anything else -- please send it to me soon at [email protected] .

I’m going to write directly to all Sandbox contributors to spread the word, but over the years many of the email addresses have gone bad, so I am posting this public invitation.

And if you are a deployed soldier, returned vet, caregiver, or family member, and you have been meaning to write something for The Sandbox; well, it’s not too late. But it will be soon...


Note: Everyone who has contributed a post to The Sandbox site should have received a Sandbox service patch and a copy of the anthology. But I suspect my record-keeping system is flawed; if you did not, please let me know!


"And this, too, shall pass away."

I have been a faithful reader of the Sandbox for many years, always impressed by the posts. I will miss you.

I will really miss this!!! To everyone who ever posted on the Sandbox Thank you for your lives,
Thank you for your contributions,
May God please bless all your souls
and give you all grace and peace!!!


I have always encouraged my college freshman English classes to read this blog and post on it.
Somehow it built a bridge between sitting in an air conditioned classroom with computers and printers provided by California State University, Northridge and the reality of what the students read within this blog of words and war. The negotiation between the two was and still is important for seventeen and eighteen year-olds to fathom whose main concern is how to negotiate the landscape of a new university experience.

I thank you for this privilege afforded my students in the past and myself as an educator to live the reality rendered in this blog which never wavered in its raw and real approach to a battlefield. It has been an honor.

Wow, I only now stumbled across this. I wish I could have contributed... oh, well, it will still be preserved and here to visit in the years to come, I hope. Vets' stories need to be told before they're forgotten...

Until next war, I guess...

CF GRant

This has been very good. A terrific resource. How do we speak and hear from our troops and vets, families and caregivers now Gary?

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