May 17, 2012

Name: Kyle McNally
Stationed in: Afghanistan

I was on a presence patrol in Mirmandab village, Helmand province. Partnered with Afghan National Security Forces, we were tasked with handing out books and wind-up radios in an effort to promote the Radio Listening Program, which teaches Afghans to read and write through a series of broadcasted lessons.

An education is a commodity in the third world, and we were soon confronted with a frenzy of boys all scrambling to get their RLP gear (it helped, of course, that we enticed them with soccer paraphernalia). Behind the eager faces of the crowd I saw a few girls peering timidly at us from behind a wall. I noticed that one of them was carrying a baby that was almost as big as her. Sensing I should get a shot of her, I raised my camera -- but she was already gone.

After the excitement subsided she reappeared, anxiously watching the RLP books that were now being rifled through by wide-eyed villagers. Again I raised my camera. This time she remained, but abruptly turned her face away.

Looking as disinterested as possible (as I’ve become accustomed to doing for camera-shy Marines) I ambled around the back of the crowd. When I emerged on the other side, the girl had returned her eyes to the books, and when she finally noticed me, my lens was staring back.

I think of all the photos I took that day, none so captured the importance of the RLP’s mission as the photo of the girl. A future is a bleak thing in the third world. Perhaps through education, Afghans, like this girl in Mirmandab, can secure one for themselves.

Framed McNally RLP


Ich habe gerade ich kann nicht lesen. Es ist so kalt, so voll von Informationen, die ich nicht kannte. Schön zu sehen, dass Menschen tatsächlich das Schreiben zu diesem Thema auf intelligente Weise und zeigen uns alle völlig unterschiedliche Seiten. Sie ein Blogger sehr gut. Bitte macht weiter so. Ich kann es kaum erwarten zu lesen, was Sie auf Weiter.

Der Artikel ist lesenswert, Ich mag. Ich halte die neuen Elemente

Der Artikel ist lesenswert, Ich mag. Ich halte die neuen Elemente

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