April 21, 2011

Name: 1SGT (retired) Troy Steward
Returned from: Afghanistan
Milblog: Bouhammer's Afghan Blog

WARNING: This funny video has some rough (typical combat zone) language, and may not be safe to listen to at work or around small kids. But it offers a glimpse into how soldiers in some of the worse combat areas of Afghanistan try to lighten the mood and make it bearable. Not only do they give a good lesson on how to make coffee in the field, they do it while making you laugh.


So enjoyed it.

Language hasn't changed cycle of fire has increased as has I'm sure the quality of coffee (even if from starbucks) from what we got in the 'c' rats of yesteryear.

Glad they can laugh so they could make me laugh.

Funny how f-ing rations have always f-ing sucked. Why the f- is that?

Maybe someone should f-ing send those guys a stainless steel French Press mug-thing. Or would it be one more piece of f-ing gear to f-ing keep track of?

AWESOME video! Beef Macaroni CHINESE STYLE wtf?! On a serious note, I do have a question. When they boil the water externally like that, wouldn't that melt the plastic water bottle?

Paul Makiz

Don't think it would "melt" the bottle, am concerned of petrol chemicals released when it heated.
Then again, some of us did some f-ing stupid things during the Vietnam Tragedy.

Stupid things are done durning conflicts between countries and ideologies?
Vietnam was a tragedy? Petrochemicals could be harmful to you? Agent Orange? So much to learn.

Awesome, f-ing awesome. As first I wondered if Whiskey really NEEDED more coffee ("Stop looking at me!") but who am I to say?

Nasty stuff. Brings back memories of my MRE days. The best is the Chicken a la King. We used to fight over that one. But when you're tired and hungry after trekking all day in the jungle, you'll be surprised how good they taste!

Brian Goodwin

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