March 02, 2011

Name: CAPT Marc Rassler
Stationed in: Afghanistan
Hometown: Livingston, MT
Milblog: To Afghanistan and Back

Today was a reason to celebrate for my team and I. Our replacements arrived last night to Marmal Air Base. First thing this morning we did one of our largest convoys -- seven vehicles -- to drive to Marmal and pick up the guys who will hopefully continue what we've been doing right. Hopefully they also find a way to avoid making the same mistakes and growing pains.

Something that is unique compared to my other two deployments is that we did not have to move out of our rooms to make space for the new guys. They are moving into a set of connexes recently built by the Croatian contingent here on Camp Mike Spann. Not having to live out of a duffle bag for the next two weeks while we conduct our handover training will make life a lot easier.

It was fun, after dropping off the new guys at their rooms, observing their amazement at taking in all of their new surroundings. Kind of like getting dropped off at your first dorm in college; a good deal of excitement was on their faces. I took my counterpart and a couple other guys on a brief 'nickle tour' of our small base. At the end I gave them a couple boxes of care supplies which I had received, to help get them settled in.

Now we will try and teach them everything we've learned over the past nine months. First impression is that they have a pretty decent crew, and should do fine. Several members have prior deployment experience, which should help ease their transition.


everything we've learned over the past nine months

I never served (deferments until too old). I have been reading up on Afghanistan, the history of how the various groups unite against a foreign invader followed by the new leader trying to centralize power.Result,the groups rebel against the new leader.

While in the midst of this I am interestted in what "you've learned" over the past nine months that you think will be of use to the new guys.
Stay safe,get home safe.

I am really glad that you and the others have been posting your experiences Sir. My National Guard unit goes over to Afghanistan soon so I've been scouring the web looking for any information that might be helpful. A lot of the posts on here have had excellent info... Thanks.

reading this gave me "warm fuzzies". I remember the excitement when the new guys show up to RIP you out. We were all giddy with laughter, wishing them the best, and at the same time (silently) thanking our lucky stars it wasnt us coming in as "FNG's"

congrats on your mission, and welcome home (soon).

ETT 2/1/203

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