November 12, 2010

Name: Major Dan
Stationed in: Afghanistan
Milblog: AfghaniDan

Please allow me to take the unusual step of plugging something that's not self-serving, from Tim at Esquire magazine.  Get in touch with them if your family fits the bill:

For a major photographic portfolio in an upcoming issue, Esquire is looking for multigenerational families of combat veterans: sons or daughters who served in Afghanistan or Iraq, fathers (Vietnam), and grandfathers (World War II or Korea) who each served in combat and are willing to be photographed together representing three generations of American military history. Esquire has a long tradition of honoring American troops in wartime and we hope to add this unique portfolio of veteran families to that history.

If you and your living father and grandfather (or son and grandson) have served America at war and would like to participate in this project, please send a note with your contact information to the Esquire Veterans Project at

Thank you.


One grandfather in WWI has passed on
One father in WWII Pacific has passed on
Me Vietnam and Gulf War I
Son Iraq and other places
Grandson too young to care and so cute one hopes he never has to

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