December 11, 2009

Name: J.P. Borda
Posting date: 12/10/09
Returned from: Kuwait/Iraq
Hometown: Burke, Virginia
Milblog: Milblogging.com
Email: milblogging@gmail.com

What can I say about C.J. Grisham, one of the first milbloggers? He’s been a friend to me since 2004/2005 when I blogged from Afghanistan. He has dedicated himself over the years to telling the story of the military from the soldier’s perspective, which says a lot in terms of him as a person. Many milbloggers who launch a site eventually stop writing, but C.J. has kept at it year after year after year.

He recently made the decision to shut down his popular site A Soldier’s Perspective, and all I can say is that it was disappointing to hear that news. Though I don’t know everything firsthand about the circumstances of his situation, I would vouch for my friend anytime.

If you’re not familiar with C.J.’s story, please read his recent post on YouServed. As he puts it, “I feel like I must humble myself and ask for help on my own behalf in this instance."

You can also read a recent story from Military Times here.

Framed JP CJ


Go to dreamcampaign.duhs.duke.edu/military to see what Duke University Medical Center is doing to support the military!

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