June 19, 2009

Name: Vampire 06
Posting date: 6/19/09
Stationed in: Afghanistan
Hometown: Folsom, CA
Milblog: Afghanistan Shrugged

How does one say “Thank You” for such an incredible debt owed?

This is a post that I’ve struggled to write many times during my deployment and each time it seems that I’ve failed. At the end I’m always left with the feeling that I didn’t quite describe their hardship, give them their true credit or convey our true gratitude. I’ll try; but am afraid I shall fail them.

I’m talking about the women that stand guard at home, support us, encourage us and reinforce that fighting spirit that sustains us. Our wives, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, volunteers and so many other wonderful and strong women that I can’t even begin to name.

Not just our team but each and every soldier, marine, sailor or airman that deploys to Afghanistan or Iraq, for that matter any conflict. A huge burden is being carried by those that fight but do not go to combat.

Thank you, for being the ones that deal with the mess once we leave. We’re trained well to fight. But there is no Field Manual that describes how to explain to a young child that their father isn’t going to be home for a long time or in the worst case may never come home. You do it with such grace and poise.

Thank you, for being patient and waiting. Enduring the pain of waiting to hear from us, wondering if the worst has occurred when we’re late calling or emailing, and enduring our complete lack of understanding at your frustration and fear when we are late. “We came back late from patrol," just doesn’t validate that fear. Your patience is epic.

Thank you, for being the ones that hold us fast to reality and help put us back together when we return. You hold us tight and tell us things will be okay when the rockets and gunfire have gone but the war has not left us. Your strength is what protects the warrior.

Thank you, for accomplishing all the things that we fail to acknowledge. Fixing broken sprinklers, taking kids to school, paying bills and the myriad of other things that are required to sustain life at home. You do so much and get so little from us many times.

Thank you for being the volunteer that says “Welcome Home” in the middle of the night, ensuring that no one comes home to silence, and being there when we leave to say “Come Home Safe." You inspire us with your selfless service.

Finally, thank you for being you. For serving in a war you did not volunteer for and keeping us strong, sane and secure.  We and the rest of the country owe you a huge debt that can never be repaid. The best we can hope for is to understand your journey, listen and learn from you.

From the bottom of our hearts, Team Vampire and every other serving member says “THANK YOU!"

And to my wife and mother; I could not have done all of this without you. You are the truest warriors I know, pure of heart, strong in determination and unwavering in faith. I have a lot to learn from your examples!

Once again I reach the end of this post and I think I’ve come so very short of expressing our gratitude. This is the 12th time I written this post.

In tribute to all of the strong and wonderful women that support the fighting force, we’ve joined together with Ranger Up to stage OPERATION:VAMPIRE PINK to raise money for breast cancer research.  We designed a new shirt which you can see below, and $5 from each sale is donated to the Susan G. Kommen Foundation.

Framed Vampire Women shirt

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It has the female Vampire on the back. Yes, she's bad ass because you're bad ass! We all know you always cover our back, and the front is just politically incorrect enough. We don’t collect a dime for this.

It’s a very small way to say “Thanks” for everything you do. So please buy one in tribute to those that have supported every warrior!

Please pass the link along to whomever you wish. It can do so much good in the name of those that have given so much!


Vampire and crew
I am a Marine Mom--and I 'talk' with other Marines and Soldier's Moms. I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing--and also for these words!!! I have shared your blog with about 9 other Marine Moms (cuz we stick together also) who have shared it with other families of various military.
Thank you once again---stay safe, stay warm--we'll keep you in our daily prayers

Not to detract in any way from what you have written, nor your tribute to the women who support their men in far away dangerous places, but I would like to make one curmudgeonly comment. You make reference to emails and phone calls. It is truly wonderful that we have this technology available to us today, but I remember another war in 1966-67 when contact was a letter three weeks in arriving in either direction. The women of that war had a far more difficult war to deal with. There was no instant communication to help ease the pain. Each contact was delayed so much that oft times its actual relevance was brought into question. So, I say to you, young warriors, be glad that you have this wonderful technology and to your women, doubly so.

I like how you express in this part of the article "Thank you for being the volunteer that says “Welcome Home” in the middle of the night, ensuring that no one comes home to silence, and being there when we leave to say “Come Home Safe." You inspire us with your selfless service."

What a great mornin'...
Hello!!! how you doing!? hope you're fine!! This blog is just amazing, i believe you're talking right about everything in your blog!!!
Guess you're very clever to see the things in that way, you make my day.....
Have a nice day!!!

Áron Berki
4943 Hidden Pond Road
Nashville, TN 37212

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