June 03, 2009

Name: SGT B.
Posting date: 6/3/09
Stationed in: Iraq
Hometown: Rockford, WA
Milblog: The Gun Line 
Email: [email protected]

What is best in life?

Conan of Cimmeria would tell you:
“To crush your enemy; see him driven before you, and hear the lamentation of his women!”

Well, in today’s age, not so much…

What I would see is a country rebuilt. A country strong in standing, rich in history, and full of realized potential.

However, in the warrior’s eyes, what is best in life is to bring home the weapons of a defeated enemy. It shows that he was victorious in the encounter against someone who was trying to kill him, for how else could he have taken possession of his enemy’s weapon, but by vanquishing the foe?

Now, gentle reader, you must understand that my enemies in this country are not the people, but the remnants of a defeated government, and the criminals who would try to usurp power at the expense of their own people.

In this light, I take a great degree of satisfaction at the discovery I made here. Although I cannot bring anything home, the pictures speak for themselves. (Truth be told, given some heavy lift equipment, shipping resources, and a toolbox, I could have a field day in this scrapyard!)

Framed SGT B Best in life dead migs

Dead MiGs. How many of them dropped bombs on their own citizens?

Framed SGT B Best in life Mig-17

Framed SGT B Best in life T-72

T-72 anyone?

There is something satisfying about your own aircraft flying over the remains of an enemy’s...


What great pix! When I was in, back in Cold War times, we were strenuously forbidden to take photos of out equipment--with threatened penalites that would curl your hair! So I drove a supply truck, pulling a water buffalo, carrying my Arms Room, all for years, with nothing to show for it. Huh.

My brother brought home an AK47 from Vietnam. Part of a huge stash from the Ho Chi Minh trail. It rode in the overhead bin of the plane. Of course he was not actually going home, but to an army base to spend a little time as a drill instructor before ending his tour. Still, not exactly carry on luggage anymore.

Thanks for the pictures,the post, and your service. We all look forward to the day that Iraq stands on its own. Be safe.

hey all this stuff could be melted and made into cupboards or something for the afgan people

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