June 05, 2009

Name: Deployed Teacher
Posting date: 6/5/09
Returned from: Afghanistan
Milblog: Deployed Teacher 

It's interesting to observe how life has shifted from one focus to another now that I'm home. An example: For six months, it was all about Afghanistan insurgents, now, it's crabgrass pre-emergents. So, for peace of mind, I set out to find similarities between the two that might help make my mental transition easier, and more meaningful.

As I considered a pre-emergent for the lawn/garden, I found an article from the Ohio State University Extension entitled: Pre-Emergent Herbicides Effective for Weed Control. Here are some bullets from the article:

Marestail, giant ragweed and lambsquarter remain some of the most challenging weeds to control for several reasons:

• They become more difficult to control with increasing size and age.

• They are some of the first weeds to emerge in the spring, and marestail grows quickly in size, making proper burndown treatments a must to control them.

• Avoid making post-emergence applications during periods of adverse environmental conditions, such as low temperatures, extended cloudy periods, and drought.

Here's my take on this useful information, uh,... I mean intelligence:

Taliban insurgents and their radical fundamentalist followers are the most difficult to control for several reasons:

• They become more difficult to control with increasing size and rage.

• They are the first to emerge in the spring/summer, and their numbers grow quickly in size, making appropriate engagement/elimination a must.

• Avoid engaging insurgents during periods of adverse environmental conditions, such as low  temperatures, extended cloudy periods, and drought.

Is it a stretch to equate Taliban insurgency with out of control weeds? Mmmm, you tell me -- but if any of you pass by my house and see me vigorously eradicating/eliminating weeds, via airborne or ground assault methods, please consider that my conduct is easily explained by the psychological term, "transference."

Transference: "the redirection of feelings and desires; especially of those unconsciously retained from war, toward a new object." *

* For you psych majors: Yes, I replaced the word "childhood" with "war." Sorry, but it makes


Sorry, no air support for the yard. But, there are many advantages and you will grow accustomed to the scale.

Welcome home to the mundane details of domestic tranquility.

Lambsquarter is a delicious and convenient substitute for spinach when young.

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