May 04, 2009

Name: Michael Brameld
Posting date: 5/4/09
Stationed in: Afghanistan
Milblog: A Year in the Sandbox

I’ve been pretty bad about updating my blog lately, so I’m just going to post pictures from the last month or so to catch up, then I’ll start writing again.

Framed Brameld PICTURE Zombies 1

One of our SECFOR guys making sure the zombies don’t get us.

Framed Brameld PICTURE Pee break 2

Stopped for a pee break in Sherzad.

Framed Brameld PICTURE kids 3

These kids were trying to sell us some hash.

Framed Brameld PICTURE vehicle 4

New toy, a MaxxPro Dash. These MaxxPros suck sooo bad. They were designed for urban operations and have very tight suspensions. When you go off-road you feel every little bump. And by feel every little bump I mean your head gets jammed into the ceiling.

Framed Brameld PICTURE turret 5

Beautiful day to be in the turret.

Framed Brameld PICTURE locals 6

LT chatting up the locals.

Framed Brameld PICTURE donkey 7

Cargo donkey.

Framed Brameld PICTURE 50 cal 8

There are big shiny metal balls hanging from the .50.

Framed Brameld PICTURE school 9

School assessment.

Framed Brameld PICTURE valley 10

River valley below the school.

Framed Brameld PICTURE slingshots 11

Kids shooting slingshots at a Gatorade bottle.

Framed Brameld PICTURE kids 12

Kids and their slingshots. I bought one for $1.

Framed Brameld PICTURE gate 13

Clinic at Torkham Gate.

Framed Brameld PICTURE clinic 14

Another clinic in Mohmand Dara.

Framed Brameld PICTURE tooth 15

Kid with a tooth infection. Doc gave him some Motrin and antibiotics.

Framed Brameld PICTURE edge 16

Got a little too close to the edge.

Framed Brameld PICTURE closeup 16

It looks much worse than it really was…

Framed Brameld PICTURE closer up 17

Figuring out the best way to unfuck the truck.

Framed Brameld PICTURE Reid 19

Reid in the turret.

Framed Brameld PICTURE Brameld 20

A whole lot of sexy.


Thank you for these photos...pictures say so much.

Nice tour with you and your camera, do like it, thank you.

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