February 21, 2009

Name: Michael Brameld
Posting date: 2/21/09
Stationed in: Afghanistan
Milblog url: A Year in the Sandbox

Here’s a quick video I took outside Our Mother of Hope school here in Jalalabad. I had climbed down out of the turret and was trying to get my bag out of the back seat, and these kids crowded around asking for a pen. It cracked me up, reminded me of the gulls in Finding Nemo. I didn’t have any pens with me…


Mother of Hope School?!?!?! Dear God, here is a school for children in a muslim country that is facing a serious threat from fundamentalist muslim insurgents and we go and build a school for THEIR children (mainly girls, and we all know how the Taliban feel about that) and of all the names we could have chosen we call it Mother of Hope... Do the words hornets nest, stir, bull, or red flag come to mind anyone? No wonder shooting at 'The Crusaders' is popular. Damn it you'd think someone up there in the Command knows that you should walk before you run or you might fall over. In a war that goes X steps forward and X steps back, this is such an unnecessary step back. Did anyone think of the pressure the poor kids and their parents are going to get from some people when they admit that their children attend a school with pronounced Christian associations? I'm not anti Christian by any means and I'm certainly not muslim but jeez... I thought we had a war to win, hearts and minds and all...

Stay safe Michael Brameld.

This school was founded by and built by, and is run by, a native Afghan WOMAN. We (the US) didn't spend a dime on it. Muslims, the ones I have contact with daily at least, aren't anti-female at all. I don't know what your experience in Afghanistan was like, but from what I'm seeing the locals are very supportive of schools for both boys and girls. This particular school teaches the girls in the morning and the boys in the afternoon. From my knowledge they haven't had any trouble from the Taliban at all.

Mine? Mine? Miiiine?

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