September 23, 2008

Name: Simon H.
Posting date: 9/23/08
Stationed in: Iraq
Milblog: Army Poet

Washed out sky,
Scrubbed clean-white,
Wish it was my heart,
-- Empty like that.

Pointless to wonder,
Is she thinking of me now?
Right now,
At this empty time for me.

Does she remember a drive we took,
Or a walk we made together?
What about the time we were in the tiny kitchen,
Together, washing and drying dishes.

Perhaps I’m somewhere in her mind,
In some crumpled, folded maze of thoughts.

I live in that soft puzzle,
Lost. Like a small porcelain figure,
Souvenir from some trip,
Perched on a dry wooden pedestal.

I’m stuck at the dead-end of her imagination.

Sometimes she roams into the closed space where I reside,
She pauses, then turns and leaves.


Thank you for your live,
thank you for your contribution.
May God please bless your precious soul and give you grace and peace!

Thanks for the picture, I figure she remembers the laughter and the tiny kitchen really well.

Thank you for writing and posting this poem, Army Poet.

I'll be 59 years old next week. If she's like me, she thinks about you daily and will for as long as she lives. My boyfriend was in Vietnam from January until December of 1970, the year we were 21 years old. We had our ups and downs. The love never died. He lived until April 20, 2008. I was with him in the intensive care unit during the week before he died. He would have been 59 years old this week, too. He was an artist and a carpenter.

May your life be long and fruitful. May you continue to write poetry.

empty,lost,worried that you won't be able to go back and pick up where you left off,welcome to the combat zone.i was a pointman in viet nam 68-69.some of us came home and drifted, some came home and made their dreams come true.too many didn't come home at all.one of my sons is due back from iraq quite soon.its been a hard 2nd time around. i hope he and his noel can re-settle easily.that would be best. for you both, the job is to stay alive. be careful out there.you write well and touched the holes in my soul. dona nobis pacem.

Just so you know, your words have touched my heart and triggered tears. Remember, you live in a world of infinite opportunity. Thank you for your sacrifice and know that, when you least expect it, you will feel like you once did again.

Army Poet,

Know that you will always be a part of her and she of you. Love never dies. Be safe and know you are not forgotten.

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