August 22, 2008

Name: Rocinante
Posting date: 8/22/08
Stationed in: Iraq
Hometown: Virginia
Milblog: Rocinante's Burdens
Email: [email protected]

I have no idea what the price of gas is in the USA. Here it is free. All I want. We don't even lock up the tanker or have anyone watching it. Take all you want, we'll get more. Iraqis on the other hand have rationed fuel. They wait in long lines. Mostly because they don't have gas stations on every corner. Instead they have a few major fueling stations in each little town. They also do a lot of siphoning. People will make a living by selling their rationed gas. They wait in line, fill their tanks, then siphon it out and sell it on the street for its true value instead of the rationed price. Controlled markets are the number one cause of black and gray markets.




This guy doesn't care about the price of gas either. Incidentally, the price of a used Donkey here is about $50. That is all. And that is why there are so many of them.


This is a typical Iraqi army vehicle. Made in the USA. This one, converted to be the commander's vehicle, has a light machine gun on the back. I also see a lot of Ford F-350s here. By far though, the preferred vehicle for the Iraqi army is the HMMWV. They love those things. They love the horsepower and the armored sides and all the room inside to carry stuff. There is nothing comparable in their military history of vehicles. They are hoping that they will get all of our HMMWVs when we leave. They saw how much stuff we left behind in all the other countries we abandoned and are salivating at the prospect.


This is my antenna. Yes, I can talk to God. If He isn't responding, the problem is obviously on His end.


Ahh the MBITR antenna. Those are one ficcle hunk o' junk. I would take text coms on the FBCB2 anyday over these things.

When I talked on one of those it sounded like I was talking to Mickey Mouse :)
Thanks for Serving

Yes. I had a student who said her parents made those in their basement in VA. uhhhh....about that...and yes, thanks for serving!

It is interesting that the gas is not protected. Here there would be people waiting in line to steal the fuel. I also find it interesting that they find the HMMWV such a desired vehicle. Thanks for serving and sharing your experinces.

I find it very interesting that the fuel is not proteted, if that was in the U.S. there would be so many problems. Another thing I found interesting is that they ride on donkeys. In the U.S. donkeys are not as popular as horses for transportation.

Thats awesome that gas is not protected over there. That will definitely feel weird coming back to the US. I wish gas was free... or at least cheaper. I love to hear about how things are over there because they aren't like what people think at all. Things are so different.

WOW!! Free gas!?! Gas in the U.S. is about $3.65 in Indiana.

Your post made me want to go out and buy a donkey. Thanks for sharing your experience. We pray for you and your fellow servicemen everyday, and hope you are able to come home soon.

"Controlled markets are the number one cause of black and gray markets." I couldn't agree more. People will find a way to get around the system every time, and it doesn't typically benefit the civilians as a whole. That being said, I would probably buy a used donkey for $50 if I could, but what does a new one cost?

Well, here in the states, in Indiana in particular, we haven't resorted to donkey travel yet! I do know that if prices keep going up, a lot of people may start to look seriously at those forms of transportation. Just to let you know, we are now paying between $3.66 - $3.87 a gallon for regular gas. This is a least down from when it was over $4.00 per gallon a while back. On your other topic, I hope that we don't decide to abandon a lot of military equipment, I think of it as an extreme waste of resources. On a final note, I am glad you can talk to God, and I'm sure that even though he doesn't answer, he is still watching out for you!

That’s awesome that gas is “Free” there, here in Indiana a gallon goes for $3.80 but recently it just went back up now it’s $4.15 for the regular unleaded. I have to have the premium gas so I pay $4.35 a gallon which sucks. Do you see more donkeys around then cars? Well you guys rock, I wish the best of luck for all of you and a safe return home soon.

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