July 02, 2008

Name: Sean Dustman
Posting date: 7/2/08
Stationed in: Iraq
Milblog: Doc in the Box

Going to war has always been a somewhat mythical experience. Legends often rise up, and just as many are dashed to the ground. One tale I've heard over the last couple years is of a black bunny who comes out at dusk and goes up to strangers and allows them to pet him. Yeah, right. In the middle of war zone, with some sort of howling beasts living in the waddee a couple hundred feet away. And face it, I know that there are some very unfriendly military folk out here as well. This has to be one of those urban myths that they use on the new guys fresh off the plane. I'm not about to fall for it.

Framed_docinbox_black_bunny Well, I was walking home the other night, the light was at my back, and a black blur came up on my left. I froze and looked, and along came a little black bunny. He hopped right up to me as friendly as can be and put his head on my foot, and my hand, without asking my brain for permission, reached down and started scratching him behind his ears like it was the most normal thing in the world.

I sat there dumbstruck, as the light drained from the day, and continued petting him. What do I do now? Who's going to believe me?

Oh yeah! Me being me, I had my trusty camera in my pocket, and so I am able to prove to the non-believers that indeed, there is a friendly black bunny that comes out to be petted in the twilight. I gave him a granola bar from my pocket. It's not often you get to prove a legend on film.


I love your post! Much better than mine!!

Watch for RBIEDs.

This is ripe for a Monty Python rip ....anyone?

Remember the small moments because in the end, they will be the ones that matter.

Enjoyed your post and feel very happy that you met the black bunny. You must remember that there is poetry everywhere and it is a purpose in life to be aware, to appreciate, and to give thanks. Good luck.

My kids have a white rabbit another family moved away and left behind in our neighborhood. If you can lay your hands on any fresh vegetables, such as carrots, spinach, lettuce or any herbs; rabbits adore those things. Enjoy your bunny time.

Doom Rabbit Haiku


evening contrasts

if only it was that clear here

Black and white at dusk


I thought the story was entertaning. you must have been shocked to see that bunny

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