November 13, 2007

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Framed_wr_somethingsNot everyone has the luxury of being here at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, surrounded by a medically concentrated community such as this. Many Soldiers and their families move rapidly through the system. From med evac in theater, to Germany, then to the hospital, treatment, and before they know it they are separated from service or returned to duty. In some ways this is a positive and in some ways a negative.

There are a myriad of programs to assist Soldiers and their families. Unfortunately, they go unused because they are unknown. Time on the ground and word of mouth advertising are the two mitigating factors by which people learn of the services available to them. The Army does have guest speakers from these services from time to time, but due to the turnover of Wounded Warriors the speakers rarely hit the same audience twice. So the negative is that there are services to help, but they go unused.

On the positive side however, Soldiers are now being treated in an expedited but thorough means. The days of overworked platoon sergeants, case managers, and PEBLO* counselors are drawing to a close. The system is catching up to its demands, sometimes slowly, sometime by leaps and bounds. Services that assist Soldiers and families, which were once in their infancy both logistically and operationally, are now more streamlined and available.

Below are links to a few publications that   have been produced by the new command structure. Since they are difficult to   find I decided to link to them. Hopefully they will be useful to someone that   has had a need, but has moved on and been unable to receive the quality of care   that I have.

A   Guide for Families of Wounded Soldiers

A   Guide for Spouses of Wounded Soldiers

Walter   Reed Heroes Handbook

Warrior in Transition Handbook

* PEBLO: Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer


I'm glad to hear things are getting better in the system. Clearly the next step is to inform everyone who enters the process about the available resources. Hopefully that will happen soon.

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