November 13, 2007

Name: Old Blue
Posting date: 11/13/07
Stationed in: Afghanistan
Hometown: Cincinnnati, Ohio
Milblog url:

I had to bring the team to Bagram for a day or so to take care of some critical maintenance issues with a vehicle. While here, I ran into CPT Mike Keilty, who is a member of the original team I trained with at Ft Riley.

CPT Keilty is a West Pointer who did a tour in Iraq before coming off of active duty. He is a bronze star recipient. He was pulled from the IRR* after just starting law school. Talk about a sacrifice for his country! He is stationed down in Kabul, and has been training for a marathon as he serves.

It turns out he is going home on leave, and while there he's going to run the Philadelphia Marathon. He is running to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. He has raised over $60,000 for them, and I think that's absolutely amazing.

I asked CPT Kielty what I could do for such a worthy cause, and he gave me the web address for He said to go to the Special Edition page. They are selling T-shirts, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project. Or you can opt to contribute to scholarships named for three fellow graduates of his high school who died in Iraq -- Michael Lucian LiCalzi, James Regan, and Ronnie Winchester.

So please stop by the site and read about four American heroes from the same small high school and what one of them is doing to honor the other three. Please consider helping CPT Keilty to help severely wounded warriors.

Before we came into this country, we were told to bear in mind that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Caring for our wounded warriors is a marathon, and not a sprint.

Thanks, CPT Keilty. Good luck in the Marathon, and good luck with the fundraising.

IRR: Inactive Ready Reserve


Thank you for mentioning CPT Keilty's fundraising. We hope readers will please take a moment and visit our web site to see the many programs we have for seriously wounded veterans.

Thank you,
Woody Groton
Chief Information Officer
Wounded Warrior Project

Thank you CPT Keilty. Last Christmas I bought shirts from for my husband and son-in-law. Where ever they go, they're asked where did they get those shirts? Both of the organizations are such great causes.

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