November 07, 2007

: Eddie
Posting date: 11/7/07
Stationed in: Iraq
Milblog url: airborneparainf82.blogspot.com

For the past three months or so I have been creating a really long video/picture slideshow with Windows Movie Maker, and decided to put part of it online for your viewing pleasure. Many of the stories I've written about are represented in this video. Who knows, maybe one day I will get around to making up a guide with links to the stories. Anyways, enjoy!


Powerful images, thanks for sharing.

You guys are the real deal, stay safe and come home soon.

Sobering. We're to the point of total numbness over here, it's a way to deal. I don't know how you do it over there. Stay safe, come home.

Great piece of work...stay safe.

God, Eddie !!!

Intense, really intense. Great piece of work. It gives one pause.

The enormity of this mad insanity that is the constant companion of our military family is here presented so very artistically with it's musical background enhancing the experience & bringing it home to all of us who are not, & hopefully will never be there.
You guys are THE BEST!!!
Come home safely.....

Wow. Great job. Shows the professionalism and determination of America's finest. You all are the best in the world, no question. Thank you, from a grateful, but sometimes clueless, nation.

dude...keep filming but keep both hands on your weapon. Awesome.

Excellent work. When you are safely home, you will have much to reflect on. Be proud of your service - we are proud of you and your buddies.

Eddie- You have promising career in film making- keep it up. I was afraid you would not reveal both sides - works of merit and courage always show both sides of story- but you have. You revealed the U.S. soldiers side and the average Iraqi citizen's side; how their infrastructure, ancient buildings, and every day life is exploding. Can you imagine how warped a child growing up in that climate will be? Keep up your video journalism- it's good for you and good for those of us helplessly watching it all.
Stay safe.

First of all, i hope you know how proud of you all we are. You are the best in the world and no other military force in the world could accomplish what you have. Stay safe and never give up!

I was unable to see the vid it said it was no longer available.

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