September 11, 2007

Name: RN Clara Hart
Posting date: 9/11/07
Stationed in: a military hospital in the U.S.
Email: [email protected]

I walked two miles today. Walked alongside a warrior injured in service to our country. I walked the September 11th Freedom Walk and I remembered. I remembered the day people ran down streets, terror on their faces and fear coursing through their bodies. I remembered the day the thick black smoke and the rolling dark clouds of death made us realize we were no longer safe. I remembered the attack on our country that forever changed the course of many of our lives.

I walked today to honor family and friends lost. I walked to honor the service members who give their all. I walked today to be near people who have not forgotten, who still have the ache in their hearts when the calendar shows us this particular date. I walked to share stories, happy memories and trying times with people who remember.Framed_nurse_freedom_walk_crowds1_4

I stood next to a Marine, and in response to his query talked about what that day was like. When my voice trailed off in sorrow I listened as he spoke. Waving his hands toward the rows of head stones surrounding the September 11th Memorial he said, “People always ask me why, after three tours I want to go back to Afghanistan and Iraq. This is the reason why.” We stood and contemplated the sea of white tombstones in section 64 at Arlington National Cemetery as our minds clouded with memories. I remember. Do you? I can never forget. Can you?Framed_nurse_freedom_walk_memorial2


Beautiful post and pictures. Thank you.

I remember. September 11, 2001 has images and thoughts associated with it that I can recall with no trouble at all.

It was a horrible way to lose family, friends, loved ones. In such a visceral, tragic event, that replayed itself over and over even if you didn't watch the news.

Thanks for posting this, to make me remember more strongly again. I hope for peace and closure for everyone who lost family that day. I know it will not come easily, but I hope for something greater for them.

It is good that we remember, but we should not dwell upon it. We should all always be supportive of those who fight for others.

As much as I appreciate the work you do I don't get it. Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11.

By some counts the US military has killed an average of 6000 soles a month for the 744 months since WWII ended. For the most part none of these people nor even their leaders intended the US any harm.

The Christian bible says do onto others as you would have them do unto you. If there is a God he/she can not be very happy with us.

Remembrance is key when dealing with things of this nature. Thank you for your post in sharing and pointing out to all of us to do the same.

I think of that day now years ago, and driving to work that morning to hear the news. Everyone at my work was unaware, and then it overloaded the radio stations and televisions.

A sad memory to behold, but we must remember those loved ones lost and know that we are in a changing world right now, and hope for the best.

As for those who feel they must criticize something as simple as a walk to remember loved ones lost in a tragic event, I am saddened. We should all pull together in tough times. The way I see it we have plenty ahead to look forward to. Better to lean on each other, than to fall away. Thanks for your post!

I absolutely second Jessica's thoughts. This was a walk to remember. I loved the way this country pulled together after Sept. 11. Let's go forward pulling together as much as we can!

Thank-you for the pictures and a very meaningful account of your September 11th, six years on. Much appreciated!

I couldn't help noticing the absence of the comment I made questioning the link between the 9/11 event and the war of occupation in Iraq. There was no personal acrimony in the comment I made, only an attempt to put the war and the 9/11 events in perspective. This appears to be an act of censorship that speaks far louder than any comment I could make, and it does not speak well for the integrity of the Sandbox.

*Editor's note: I usually send an email to the Commenter when I trim something in the Comment section. I apologize for not doing so. Our general policy is to discourage this section from turning into a debate. The primary goal is to provide a forum for deployed troops. What I most often remove (on the rare occasions I do) is criticism that the poster would feel obligated to answer. My feeling is that posting here should not make the poster feel like a target. I'll also sometimes step in if I feel the poster is going off in a direction of their own. We have the right to edit the content of our own web site. Censorship would be trying to stop you from expressing your views somewhere else.
-- David Stanford, Duty Officer, Doonesbury Town Hall

Zelma and others,
There is NO link in my story between Sept 11 and the war. The Marine I was speaking with joined the military in hopes of helping prevent another terrorist attack such as September 11, 2001. He joined wanting to protect his country and it's citizens from ever being subjected to the horror of another terrorist attack.

I lost friends and family that day, as a trauma nurse I responded to the scene, I was there, I saw horrific sights and live with memories that will NEVER go away.

My attempt to remember the people who live in my heart was tarnished by those of you who chose to make my post about the war. Shame on you ALL who have taken this post and used it to your personal advantage to make your opinion about the war known. You sadden me.


No disrespect was intended, the quote I refered to is "Waving his hands toward the rows of head stones surrounding the September 11th Memorial he said, “People always ask me why, after three tours I want to go back to Afghanistan and Iraq. This is the reason why.” The connection between our soldiers sacrifice in Iraq and 9/11 seemed explicit. Afghanistan yes, related to terrorism. Iraq, was not, probably still not. Sorry for the misinterpretation.
(BTW, born and raised NYC)

Great pictures with a great reminder. Thanks for sharing.

I read the headline of the NYT on september 11th and it broke my heart to read. It said something like "not as many show, but just as money names to read." People are once again starting to forget what has happened, and it is important to remember everyone lost. Thanks for sharing.

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