June 04, 2007

Name: 1SG Troy Steward
Posting date: 6/4/07
Returned from: Afghanistan
Hometown: Amherst, NY
Milblog url:

I have done a lot of missions with my man Face. We spent many a day together cramped in a HUMVEE, just us and maybe a terp or two. Because of that I have a lot of pictures of him. He is a guy that constantly cracked us up with his funny faces and anecdotes. Before we left Afghanistan I made this video. The song is "I See Pretty Girls", by Kids of Whidney High, which is featured in the movie The Ringer -- one of our team's favorite movies, and one we quote from often. Once you hear it, the song just sticks in your head.

This is actually an edited version of the video, appropriate for all ages. :-)  The original is for the team only and anyone that Face wants to share it with. Also, let me clarify that the last picture you see in it is not Face, but B.J., who loves to mess with Face, and allowed this picture to be taken on Face's fur rug while Face was gone on leave.


1SG Steward,
Great video and I love the credits!

Thanks for telling us about your friend Face. Usually we read tributes after the person is dead, but apparently Face is still around to lighten the world and the people with whom he works. How nice to read appreciation and know the appreciatee is still with us! Keep on trucking, both of you!

P.S. I am not military at all - what is the meaning of all the photos of taking each others' blood samples?

I'm glad to know that even with all the hard times each of you face, there are others who can always shine and bring a smile and sense of humor to your hearts.

Keep up the good work guys & gals
remember to keep your heads down.

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