May 31, 2007

Name: Adrian B.
Posting date: 5/31/07
Stationed in: Afghanistan

Mountain peak ceiling
Blocks the sky, jagged gray clouds
Raining rockets west.

Dry, mud-caked rubble
Three jagged walls sag inward
Where do the men sleep?

A feared siren bleats
Soldiers run and shout for help,
The air comes alive.


Keep safe!!!

Then may you all be at one with the air.

a loud bang makes its
exclamation mark on now,
sound rings in silence...

Subtle. True haiku in the spirit of Basho; not the heavy-handed, coffecup haiku garbage.

So, not all of the soldier-poets were in the first two World Wars.

Stay Safe.

Nice!! Tight, clean & evocative. Keep writing.

Beautiful and terrifying - not my usual concept of poetry! However, you have achieved it and it is very memorable and I thank-you for sharing it. God keep you in such circumstances as you write about. You are in my prayers, Adrian.

Powerfully done! Stay as safe as you can....come home and continue to write.

Thanks, please keep writing.

wonderful...thank you.
may God keep you safe.

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