April 03, 2007

Posting date: 4/4/07

We offer a salute to Sandbox contributor Rob, who is featured along with his video LIFE IN IRAQ AS A U.S. ARMY SNIPER in a piece prepared for NBC Nightly News by correspondent Kerry Sanders. Here are the opening paragraphs, followed by a link to the complete story on the Daily Nightly website:


They're some of the most powerful pictures of war, taken not by professional cameramen, but by soldiers themselves. There's no way to track the number of video and still cameras attached to helmets, rifles, inside Humvees or on Stryker turrets. What is clear: storytelling is no longer just a journalist's domain. Soldiers and Marines are telling their stories to a worldwide audience. Some of the videos on YouTube have been viewed by more than 200,000 people. On Doonesbury's "The Sandbox," a popular blog among members of the military, videos from those fighting in Afghanistan are now drawing an audience.

Some of the pictures are raw, ugly, and hard to stomach. Other videos are silly diversions from war: a look at the comic relief from so much intensity. Interestingly, while there are complaints that the media doesn't tell enough of the "good news" from Iraq, I found few soldiers or marines telling that story themselves. These videos appear to be the ongoing evolution of journalism in the Internet age....(click here to read more and offer comments on the piece).


"I found few soldiers or marines telling that story themselves."

horseshit. plain and simple you only have to scroll down a few lines to read of soldiers talking about being thanked and helped by locals, stories of what they are doing to help the locals and how it keeps them going in Afghanistan and Iraq

obviously the writer was quick to drop the names of military blogs but hasn't actually read them, typical of the media, what bleeds leads ignore everything else.

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