Altie editoonist Matt Bors won the 2013 John Fischetti Editorial Cartoon competition, hosted annually by Columbia College Chicago. Bors’ winning image portrays two Native Americans sitting outside a trailer listening to a radio report on the census:

Bors native Americans


Referring to Bors’ Fischetti submission, Nancy Day, chair of the Journalism department at Columbia College, said: “This image simply and starkly references U.S. history and its many controversies, from the decimation of native tribes to debates about civil rights, affirmative action and whether Barack Obama is black or even born here. Editorial cartooning requires a unique set of skills. Bors’ winning entry demonstrates how a single image can skewer assumptions with very few words.”

This national competition honors the late Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist John Fischetti, whose work was published in the New York Herald Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Daily News. Each year, the competition honors a single image, published in the previous calendar year, that meets the highest standards of editorial cartooning and captures the zeitgeist of a particular period of American history.

I can't resist including this Bors cartoon about the death of Steve Jobs, which completely unhorsed the Pearly Gates tradition of “obit cartoons.”


Matt Bors - Steve Jobs Obit

Nationally syndicated, Bors, a 2012 Pulitzer finalist, like many of today’s political cartoonists, draws for several publications. He also cartoons full time for Medium.com, where he edits the comics section, The Nib, and regularly draws for nsfwcorp magazine. Bors also delves into comics journalism. In 2012, he traveled to Afghanistan to draw comics and served as the comics journalism editor for Cartoon Movement from 2010-2012, where he edited a project on reconstruction efforts in Haiti.

In 2012, Bors was the recipient of the Herblock Prize and the Society of Professional Journalists’ Sigma Delta Chi Award for his editorial cartooning. His first graphic novel, War Is Boring, a collaboration with journalist David Axe, was published in 2010 by New American Library.

Life Begins at IncorporationThrough Kickstarter, Bors recently published a collection of his cartoons with accompanying essays, an unusual combination these days, and the essays are as provocative as his cartoons—as you can doubtless tell from the title of the Preface: “The World Is Run by Assholes.” Fellow editoonist Jack Ohman provides the Foreword for Life Begins at Incorporation (236 8x9-inch pages, color; paperback, $20 through mattbors.com/store.  which begins thus: “I can sum up kick-ass cartooning in one word — Bors.”

A few chapter titles indicate the scope of the book: Destination: Afghanistan, More Like Obummer, Homophobia Is Gay, One Nation Unemployed, Crouching Tea Party/Hidden Muslim, Avenging Uterus Rogues Gallery, Dear Gun Nuts, Social Media Is a Scam, Assorted Calamities. And there are more of this ilk.

The screed parts of the book may eventually date the work as a whole. But until then, treat yourself to a startling array of words and pictures telling truth to Power (and making us laugh as well as cry).

Bors - Zimmerman Gets Justice



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