Batwoman The New 52 coverWith the very public departure of J.H. Williams III and Haden Blackman from Batwoman, DC faced not only the daunting task of finding the next set of creators for the title, but they also had to deal with an added controversy. Because the outgoing writers claimed DC refused to let Batwoman get married — and since the character is in a lesbian relationship — the reversal of the marriage storyline implied to some mainstream news outlets that her sexual orientation was at the root of the anti-marriage stance.

“DC needed a quick save,” said Vaneta Rogers at newsarama.com, “and they got it in the form of Marc Andreyko, who was announced as the new writer beginning with Batwoman No.25. Best known for his long run on DC's critically acclaimed Manhunter title, Andreyko has been recently writing under-the-radar stories for DC on short-lived titles like DC Universe Presents and Sword of Sorcery.”

Interviewed by Rogers, Andreyko, who is gay, convincingly denied that DC was plotting against lesbians: “I think part of the brouhaha was that the Internet is always looking for the dirty story, and the lack of wanting the character to get married had nothing to do with their sexuality. It has to do with — you know, the New 52 is very young, very new, and having characters get married brings an inherent sort of age to the proceedings. It was absolutely not an anti-gay thing. It was just a creative overview that marriage right now, at this point in the DC Universe, is not something they want to explore. And that's a completely viable thing.

“Any claims of homophobia against DC are completely ridiculous,” he continued. “I've been an out gay creator my entire career, and I've had nothing but support — and, if anything, pushing from DC to do more. So no, they've been one of the most consistently great places for not only LGBT characters, but for creators as well. They're ahead of the curve with the country, as far as that goes. And you know, of course, as a gay man, I would never take a job — any job — where I thought there was homophobia or anti-gay subtext at all. People who know who I am know I'm a loud-mouth. So I would be the first person to complain if that was the case, so I have nothing but praise for DC on this.

“As far as Kate's sexuality and her relationship with Maggie,” he went on, “that's going to be explored in great depth. But it will be the same way that, when Peter Parker was dating Mary Jane, their sexuality was explored. It's not going to be a ‘capital G’ gay issue book, by any means. Being didactic is not something I enjoy as a writer or as a reader. There's going to be all kinds of complications in their relationship, but that's what relationships are. The moment you add two people into a room, complications arise, whether you want them to or not.”

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