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GoComics is no longer working on my iGoogle page. This needs to be fixed soon (I don't know by who). I'm missing my comics, and am too lazy to actually come to this site and set up another account. (But I will come to complain. (^_^)


Ok,I will add GoComics to iGoogle page!

Lucas -- Imagine THIS

I love it! I Calvin and Hobbes right away


I thought this gadget was great, until the iGoogle v2 went away and I get v1 now. under v1 it just bad. Maybe someday I'll get V2 back again.

Ken Drab

I agree with Dave. Sherpa content needs to be easier to access. It's a little cumbersome to access some of my favorite Sherpa comics!


It's nice but you can't read comments like if you go to Gocomics.com


Dave Endelman

Very Cool! Saw that GoComics was available as a gadget on my iGoogle page today and added it right away. This is great! Would be wonderful to see Comics Sherpa content too. What do you say?

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