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Hi! Your web site is helpful. Many thanks. Best regards!


Yeah the comics o.k. but I would have rather seen this other strip from comicsherpa get picked up its name is Brandon?. I love the writing on there. Go see for youself.


Mikhaela Blake Reid's comics are the most insightful semi-regular piece of my life. She's smart, witty, and right about everything. Oh, and sexy. Can't forget sexy.

Chris H

Great stuff, backed with great art and wit. Hope to see much more from her.


She's much more attractive than the way she draws herself.

LeftCoast Toon Fan

We love Mikhaela! Keep on attacking!


I love this cartoon. It's so refreshing to see someone telling it like it is!

Pig Snout

She draws herself way prettier than she is.


It's always refreshing to see someone with this clarity of mind. Thanks, Ms. Reid.


Great to see someone saying (drawing) it like it is.

Charles Brubaker

Mikhaela's one of my favorite editorial cartoonists. She has a nice art style and does a good job making her point.

Her work only runs in a handful of papers, so if you have an altweekly in your area, why not write to the editor?


Mikhaela Reid easily ranks as one of the most original and effective cartoonists of her generation. "The Boiling Point" achieves more than what you'd think possible from a comic strip. Reid's work can be bitter, hilarious, or deeply moving, often simultaneously.

An important progressive voice who deserves attention. Highly recommended.

yeah right

Needs to get off the direct approach. Step out of the shadow of This Modern World. The comics screams Fantagraphics wannabe.


Boiling Point sucks

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