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Mrs M. Chavez

It's not about modesty, it's about the right to feed my child the way that nature intended. It is this hyper sexual culture that makes people uncomfortable and that needs to change. How would you like to eat your dinner with a blanket on your head, or sitting on a toilet? My baby gets very hot and sweaty under a blanket so I choose not to cover her, and you know what, it's NOT ILLEGAL! When you do it discretely without a blanket, people have to stare pretty hard to know that you are breastfeeding, with a blanket, it's very obvious.

Diara Laurino

I have recently read Jan Eliot's latest comic that addresses public breast-feeding. My own mother breast-fed my siblings, but she was always was modest enough to put a blanket over them. That way mother and baby could do thier business in peace and no one was bothered. The fact is the breast is seen as sexual even when one is using it for very natual and innocent reasons. covering oneself with a blanket is not unreasonable to ask. And I think Jan Eliot's comparison to hooters was not really a very good argument since I think public stripping is inappropriate as well. We should improve modesty in our society not find excuses to erase the boundaries.

Jay Penderghast

JOHNNY HART DEAD at 76 in New York. Creator of B.C. and Wizard of Id.

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