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super real

That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.


Flash sucks! Please get rid of it!


What good is all this if you can't get on to the site to see it. I have tried for three days not and I can't get on to see my cartoons. This is a bummer. I look forward each day of relaxing with them. If there is some new trick to get on to your sight let me know.


i hate this... it is sooo slow!!! i cant read any comics. it's all blank! i didn't read a single comic since thursday, is that good? is that improving?

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Your philosophy of life led me to a whole new world that broadened my horizon.



much less convenient


Why when I try to save a strip to my collections does the page go grey? Then I must go back and sign in to my comics page again. Really don't like the new format and am sorry I let my subscription renew just before the change.


I'm getting tired of having to pick through "empty" emails every day. Previously, if a comic didn't update, there simply wasn't an email generated. Now you just send out an empty one. Why did you change that?


Do I understand that I have to sign up again and pay another fee? OMG! I really REALLY don't like your new site. But if I have to pay again I may do without your comics. What a disappointment.


I really don't care about flash vs non-flash.. what irks me is that I've already paid a subscription fee for the ucomics service, now to do the same things (view all of my comic selections on one page) it says I have to sign up AGAIN and pay ANOTHER subscription fee! WTF?!?

Paul Squires

Great timing! My computer ate my bookmarks last week. Just as I start recreating them, you decide to combine and "improve" your website.

I've been through a lot over the years as your website changed and became more tedious to use. This is the last straw. I'm gone. Any strip I like that doesn't have it's own webpage I guess I'll just drop.

Thanks for the laughs. No thanks for Flash!


and the the code verification that cant be read. is thatt to prevent people from posting more complaints about how bad you suck? try again

even on ligitimate sites that have it, it shouldnt take 7 tries to post something. it may make you look more legitimate if the verification code were more visible and worked the way it should.


oh, and I see on occasion the few actually fighting for flash, which is ignorant seeing as not everyone has flash reading capability, do they work for you? trying to sway the masses with a few guided praises? do you work for macromedia?? are you sending spam and spyware to me? dont try to fool us by posting your own praises amongst the many complaints. I guess the only true place for comics is in the papers.

Janice Rogala

What a wonderful move. I get a nice, clean white page. That's it. All I wanted was an email in the am with For Better or Worse. Now I get an email that times out trying to open or I can go to your wonderful new website. Maybe you should have skipped the coffee and gotten a good night's sleep so you could do the job correctly. I am just a little old lady with a Mac but I have needs too.

Janice Rogala

What a wonderful move. I get a nice, clean white page. That's it. All I wanted was an email in the am with For Better or Worse. Now I get an email that times out trying to open or I can go to your wonderful new website. Maybe you should have skipped the coffee and gotten a good night's sleep so you could do the job correctly. I am just a little old lady with a Mac but I have needs too.

Ohhh! Digital Ink!

Just wait until "digital ink" becomes common: even the comics in the newspaper will be preceded by a Flash animation!

Ex Reader

FYI, Everyone: You Don't have to post your Real Email address in order to post to most blogs (including this one). If you Do, you'll receive alot of SPAM from the spiders that crawl through these postings, collecting email addresses.


why have you decided to discontinue showing comics older than today? i often can't check comics for 2-5 days at a time and your archive calander worked just fine - it even reminded me of the last comic dates i had read.
others comments above pretty well sum it up for me - the new system sucks AND does not protect your comic images. it does work slower & less conveniently (flash et all) and as a result tend to drive me away on all comics (except Calvin & Hobbes - you seem to have cornered the market on that strip).
oh well, bye bye, I'll check from time to time to see if you have taken your head out of your arse.
good luck!


mmmm... this change to flash is no good. I've been off all summer, and when I get on, longer download times...

Please, change it back. It is neither effective at preventing stealing, nor helps your customers. I'll stay a 'gocomics' reader for a while, but it might not be long with my slow downloads.


What the heck; for months I could catch up with two weeks worth of comics when I went away without joining. I'm on a fixed income and can't afford every little louxery like this. (Not all of your readers are under 35 years old). I go away for a long weekend and you've set it so I can't back track a few days without joining. Sorry; user-friendly this is not. Why is it when the product suggewsts it is "upgrading" for the consumer's benefit, it never ever is?????

Bill Thosser

What are you talking about? The comics are on this site not in an email..I like the new site and the Flash does not bother me at all..



No comics in the e-mail. Ruined my day. I am one of those who has an older browser and FLASH makes my computer sick. Bah on progress. Sometimes NEW is not BETTER!!!!!! Cancel my subscription.


Where's Citizen Dog? For over a week now, there's been nothing at the end of the link.

Bruno DeMartino

People--Lighten up over this Flash stuff!! I read my comics every day without any problems--there are not to many sites out there with as many comics at no cost. As for the demographic popup, I enter the birthdate of a close relative and can read my comics. Get on with your life and stop your PMS bitching!! BDM

Comics Without Flash

Please! Follow web STANDARDS!

Get those Eyes

"Over the last few weeks our Web team has swilled enough coffee"... did they have to watch a Flash Advertizement between EACH SWIG OF COFFEE!?!?!

brian weber

Why have my emailed comics stopped???

this is better????

I can manually get this without this site.....

I agree with most.....dumb m0ve

JD Baldwin

Horrible. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Go back to the old way, please.


I hate flash more than anything in the world (well, at least more than anything on the internet). No way will I put up with using it for something like this. Fortunately, I can get most of the comics I want to read in several other places. Bye.


I can't believe what I'm hearing. I only hear a bunch of complainers who state that their usual way of doing things is disrupted. OMG. Lame. This website has gone through some changes. Big deal. The "system" you had in place to view comics here has been inconvenienced. Is that a real issue? Does your coffee taste ugly now? Like someone parking their car in front of your house when you've parked their for 20 years - "But I'm used to it this way!" Time to blow the dust off, guys. The comics here are still free, and you can still find them related comic links under ... "related links". Duh. On to the Flash-based pics. You know, uComics / GoComics, that it doesn't work for some. And, yes, someone can just use the Print Screen feature and load the screen-dump into MSPaint. Go back. Yes, people copy your images, so ask them to link them through HTML to your site - or better yet, provide that feature so they can copy their favourite comics onto their blog with a link to yours. ... Think positively, people. Don't be so stodgy. ... uComics - keep up the good work.


U had a good thing going, but like so many other sites, browzers & home pages U had to screw with it. U probably already know where U can put FLASH. When my script for Ucomics comes due Goodbye.


Why can't I get Calvin and Hobbes anymore?


I assume by "copyright violations" you mean that people are linking directly to the comic images in rss feeds or on other web sites? There is no way that linking directly to a publicly available image is a copyright violation. It may disrupt your preferred business model or revenue source, but if a copy is not being placed on another web site or server, it is not illegal. The only copies being made are the copies made from the gocomics server to an end-user's browser cache, and that is decidedly legal (and neccessary for the Internet to function). A company does not get to decide the context in which a user views the publicly-available content of a public web site. If such links were illegal, the entire Internet would crumble. The Internet is built off the principal of linking.

Feel free to "protect" your comics from outside links using Flash or other methods, but do not distort the principles of copyright law to suit your own business model.


I liked uComics sooo much better. I'm going to take the advise of many of the posters here and check out comics.com. Thanks for making that an easy decision.


This is a really stupid idea. Why can't you leave well enough alone? Whatever.


Why is the 20060614 C&H cartoon a Sunday cartoon? What happend to the Wednesday cartoon?


Oh, and there's a need to actually publish an email address with these comments why? I understand why YOU want it, but why are you handing it out for spammers to harvest this way?

It's hard to avoid the conclusion that you just don't understand technology.


Pretty much anything I have to say here has been said already.

This new system is really bad and will serve only to drive away customers, like me for instance.

That's really not good for business.


You need to fire the idioit who thought that it'd be a good idea to use flash to show the comics. What a pain in the arse.


I keep getting the same day's cartoon (from several days ago)even when I refresh. I haven't seen a new strip on Stone Soup for about a week. Stone Soup used to be my home page (for like the last 2 years!). I guess I'll have to find another site! I don't know anything about computers, other than that I have Windows XP, if that makes a difference. Whatever it was you were trying to improve, looks like it only made things worse. Sorry...

Paula G

While I don't particularly care about the move from ucomics to gocomics as long as I can get my comics...that's exactly the problem!. Since the move to gocomics -- it loads so slow that I can't even get to the 2 comics I read each day.

Is this a transition problem or am I now plumb out of luck to have a "funny" in my day?!?

Jon Organ

Suggestion: The little click-on calendar feature was handy because some cartoonists, such as Tom Toles, does not publish a cartoon every day, so the calendar made it easy to spot which days each month he posted a new cartoon. Scrolling back via the "previous" button does not work nearly as well, in part because it is so slow. Can the little click-on calendar be brought back?


Big Bad Bob???

Is this for real?

Sounds like a Tiger Super Hero!

Maybe he can save us from Flash :-)




Who or what is Big Bad Bob?

Sounds like an big angry tiger who hates Flash!

Maybe he can be our anti-Flash campaigner?

Maybe he deserves his own cartoon strip?

I wonder *EXACTLY* what he will do if everything moves to Flash...


Big Bad Bob


Big Bad Bob here!

I just wanted to comment on this Flash business...

First of all I can see why people want to protect their comics, due to the fact that you are now selling a mobile comic viewer.

However, it is remarkably easy to pull the cartoons off the site.

Maybe if you had a Cartoon Web Service, which attached adverts, then you could still provide the same service to people who want to skip your site.

A lot of people see Flash as the devil's fur, I know Big Bad Bob does. This is because people abuse Flash like an unloved Puppy. Formerly navigatable sites become a fairground of bad and unnecesary vector graphics.

Futhermore moving to Flash will not stop clever screen scraping tools from half-inching your cartoons.

BTW: Their are many open source projects to build mobile Flash Players out there.

Rather than try and battle to protect against people pulling off cartoons, why not just offer a Web Service that pumps out cartoons AND adverts.

That way you don't fight a battle you cannot win and you offer a unique and profitable service that increases your subscribers rather than annoys them.

Another thing to note as reflected by the current music and movie download situation, is that people generally only try and steal content if it is unreasonably priced.

I cite Lost 2 downloads as a prime example...

For a mobile cartoon viewer then you need to look at your pricing structure.

I-Tunes successfully moved people from Napster to paying for music.

So my advice is introduce a Cartoon Web Service with adverts and look at small micropayments for mobile cartoon viewers.

You can email Big Bad Bob if you would like to discuss the feasibility of building such a solution; as he likes cartoons and he gets very angry with Flash - it makes his fur stand on end and his eyes glow red.


Another Unhappy Linux User

So sad. Now I have to remove all the ucomic links in my bookmarks and go elsewhere to find my comic fix.

I really wish you had given this change a bit more thought (and testing.)


OK. My turn to bitch:)

Forbidden server notice when I try "Minimum Security".

From 2 distinct locations.


Wow. Bitch, bitch, bitch.

So far, I like it better, especially having access to what used to just be "samples".


When you make changes, they should be for the better, not the worse. What's the point of asking age and sex? People lie, especially about their age, whether it's a 40-yr-old woman or a 12-yr-old child. And where is Helen of the Internet? Why did you get rid of that strip? You certainly are not the best comic site on the internet. Others allow a 30 day viewing.


I too miss the other list of popular comics below the comic I was reading. Now I've had to go and bookmark more. I sure hope this isn't for the long-haul. I didn't have much of a problem with them loading, but it does work fine in Firefox.


I'm sad to say that things have gotten worse, not better.


I'm sad to say that things have gotten worse, not better.


The whole piracy paranoia going around is going completely overboard. So someone copies a few images and posts them elsewhere... that isn't reason enough to inconvenience people by fiddling with Flash and other such idiocy.

Besides, I just fired up my screenshot program, chose the "capture a region" variant and had a nice .PNG image of todays comic in about 5 seconds flat.

In other words, your Flash based "deterrent" isn't even a minor problem if someone wants to copy and disseminate the comics elsewhere - but it sure does inconvenience the users.

Nice move.


Click on "Archive" tab thingie for the calendar...it works if you have javascript turned on.


I think the new look is really cool. My only issue is that there is no calendar to refer to in case I miss a couple of days. It's easier to refer to one than to keep pressing the last day button to get to what day I want to view.

Brian Goluska

Bye, bye.

I will miss reading ucomics, which I've read for about 4 years now.

I can't even read yesterday's comic without entering personal information?

My credit cards have been hacked, my social security number is one of the 26 million stolen, and you want personal information?

I guess the internet is over.

. . . Brian Goluska

Links to other Comics?

Where are the links to the other comics?

I used to go Adam@Home, Stone Soup, and Doonesbury... no it's really anoying!

P.S. I don't like to be asked what my age is... I just want to read comics!


Voting with my feet. I'm outa here. You guys ever hear of dial-up? Most of the world doesn't have DSL yet. Going to flash was really moronic. Longer download times are just the start. And frankly you have no need of my gender or age. Just more targeted advertising to slow down a already slow site and more adware and malware to infect my pc. Just goes to show folks will destroy a good website to cater to the advertisers.

So long.


Whoa, I wasn't expecting a jolt like this with my morning coffee...

Where's the list of comics that accompanied the comic I was viewing? I'd start with Stone Soup and then just click for FoxTrot, and then click for For Better or For Worse, and then again for Calvin and Hobbes. Now I have to scroll through that long-ass list. Not cool. I think I'll be bookmarking the homepage for the comics I read, or I'll just expand my horizons over at comics.com.

I'll check back periodically to see if you put it back the way it was...you know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


And I might as well tell you now that's over between us...I've been cheating on you. You should really have Get Fuzzy and Pearls Before Swine; they are fine comics and your lack of them is the sole reason I was stepping on behind your back.


I hate that the list of other popular comics is gone. I had a pattern down that allowed for the least amount of work, and when I first started reading comics here the list introduced me to comics I now love.

My feet are also voting. This site isn't worth my time without that little list. I'll be at washingtonpost.com.

Fred in Peoria

Geez, these new changes blow. I can't read any of my fav strips easily anymore! I'd rather go to Comics.com now.

IUsedToRead Ucomics.Com

You say: "We're listening" at the top of the blog...
if you *really* are listening, you'll get rid of the flash-based comic viewer. I don't have Flash installed on my *real* browser, (I use a different browser for sites that require flash).

However, Comics aren't a compelling reason for me to leave my standard browser and fire up a whole new program. I'm afraid I'll be voting with my feet, too. (no, wait: I HATE flash... i'm HAPPY I'll be voting with my feet!)

(Ironically, the one comic I read from UComics/GoComics is Foxtrot... and Jason Fox, of all comic-characters, would DOS GoComics for such a user-hostile move!! All other comics I read are on the much friendlier Comics.com. )


You guys used to have links at the bottom of some strips that were called something like "people who liked this comic, also liked these." Hopefully that will return since having to search through the scroll bar style comic selector can be troublesome. Thanks.


My first impression is that I don't like this change. At all!

I particularly miss the feature of having other popular comics listed under the strip or panel being read--I could zoom from BOONDOCKS to DOONESBURY to OLIPHANT and then go check out CLEAR BLUE WATER and CALVIN AND HOBBES.

Now getting from one favorite to another is unwieldy and inefficient. BLECHHH!!!!

David Dawson

Way to go guys. Take a perfectly good site and render it no longer worth the effort. I suspect I'll also be voting with my feet.

Incredibly slow. None of the tools work under Netscape; hovering the mouse over the label brings up a dialog that disappears the minute I move the mouse to select an option. Maybe someone should learn the concept of Software Test

I used to periodically cut and paste comics to send to friends, who invariably asked where I got them. I pointed them to your site. Of course I can't do that anymore. But, I suppose you know best, although I'd think you'd want to increase traffic rather than decrease it.


It's amazing - I filled in the irritating "age and sex" question (something I find invasive and pointless, since I don't conform to the stereotype for my age and sex) and yet still I am getting completely irrelevant adverts. Why? Because you don't even think to perform a simple IP check to see which country I'm in. Similarly even if I *wanted* to check comics from my phone (and why would I?) I couldn't, because that's a US only service.

I love Calvin and Hobbes, but not enough to put up with such a poorly designed site. I'm voting with my feet, and I don't think I'm the only one.

Boris Bless

Does not work in Mozilla/Firefox without extra steps.
Too annoying - I, too, will be switching to the comics' home pages. There are only 2-3 that I ocassionally browse, and while it will be comparably tedious, it'll be a lot less annoying.
Failure to support compatibility in multiple environments is inexcusable.

Jim Walker

The new site is good....like the layout, and the combining of things.

A possible comic to add....."Unfit"....funny look at the gym and all the characters that go through those doors!

Jim Walker

Anon Ymous

So how does using Flash stop people from illegally distributing the comic images? Sure it might stop the average user from right-clicking and saving the image to the desktop...but all that means is a user just needs to do a print screen and crop the screen shot and presto they have the comic....and at the cost of only a few extra seconds...and only using programs as simple and widely available as MS Paint.


COLOMBIA. This is very common, I know. Cristopher Columbus' original name was Cristoforo Colombo; Cristobal Colon in Spanish... thus Colombia. Two O's. Enough coffee to support a mountain village in Colombia. But then again most of the money goes to one of the seven big American corporations (you can probably come up with the names if you think about it) that have an oligopoly hold on the market, keeping prices low and all the profits. Another way--like agricultural subsidies--to maintain high standards of living here while keeping the poor countries poor, and then punishing "illegal" immigrants. But those are all another story.

Jennifer D.

I understand you have to protect your source of revenue, however the Flash 8 plug-in requirement means I can no longer check my favourites during breaks at work, as our desktops are locked down.

Karen L.

How do I get Hubert and Abby on my phone?


The move to Flash was a bad one. Especially forcing the use of the latest version, which is not available yet for non-Windows users. Where possible I've switched to the artists' home pages where they are still using simple graphics for simple graphics.


the page looks great but WHERE'S YENNY???

John Reed

The site is working fine on IE v.7 [beta 2]...what happened to the English version of "Yenny"?...also, it would be a lot more convenient to use frames on the site, so that once I read one comic, I don't have to go back a page to select the next one...[or maybe you've fixed that, and I just haven't figured it out yet].


reinhard kaaden

why can't i see the calvin & hobbes cartoons with my browser (internet explorer 5.0 for mac OS 9.x) no more? i only see an empty page ... this is no improvement!


Congratulations! Your page now loads like a failed virus, then crashes.


I'm sad to see you using a technology which will not be on linux/bsd/solaris for a long time to come. I know it is a small part of your audience but it meas that I will have to find somewhere else for my comics.


Ucomics was slow, but GoComics is so tediously slow that it's unbearable. Is this just a factor of the transition?


Flash doesn't run on linux, does that mean I won't be able to read cartoons here anymore?

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