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Butcher a big dragon to looking at 2 people, stare a way:"Smile what?!You are two small guys, the peacetime doesn't make great effort at all and have no the person of real strenght how exist in this world?"

"Follow instructions, my captain you!"Is very naughty of respected a gift, the moxa rice sank a voice should sentence.The airship starts completely later on, the end of the tail engine spews out a current of air, in the limitless star sky row cloud in one a white only, far and far disappear at deep place in the cosmos.(The whole book is over)

Smell the speech has never liked spirit ground to twist a Pie in response to the long dint squad he 1:"Now knows afraid, night!There is the precept this time, see you hereafter work to return Mang not and recklessly!"

Just of combat, have already let 2 people of the enmity seem to have so one silk of loose move, however, sealing the Ling didn't falter his/her own will, just, the dream son hands 2 people according to a personal Chan, very exhausting, seal Ling have already gone around supporting of dint, oneself can just under a shot of the heresy dollar, the harm suffering from isn't small, and resist Chen in a sky also about.

"Not just summer house that is to the witch!Boon gets on the car to say again!"Listen to to come to hand next inquire, Li Heng Yang cannot helps but complaining a , but immediately he feels to talk some insecurities here and throw down an after in a hurry run to his car side, order to open an electronics lock, opened a car door to drilled into.

"The such bottom emasculation necessarily consumes

"Is alas!"Listen to any respect true person so on saying, long enjoy true person's immediately some desire cry have no tears.Just he is to want to block up to break the ascension power that the Du flies head, have never thought but is to block a disaster for that guy, he is really a Yuan!

"."Hear after the answer that the Du flies, the Xiao Xuan has some to disappoint that the location nods.She knows that the power and influence that the Du flies in Europe is very big, thinks he hereafter may return to Europe.

"Is alas, probably we are to have no this predestination!"See the commotion that the Du fly under this kind of temptation and all have no the slightest, the car Xuan station sighed tone and immediately turned over two things from the his hand the top of keep the thing ring and threw at the Du fly of in front, "in these two kind things respectively contain B Jing gold too and too B thick soil, you use to gobble up of the Yan gobbled up them, then add a great deal of gold spirit and rustic, can repair the Yan gobbled up whole!"

"Burst!"This thunder robs under, the Du flew and got hurt!Neglect like at just slight wound, the Du after flying vomit extravasated blood immediately transfers the mysterious energy in the body to resume a condition of the injury.

"Affirmation of believing the Du brothers has a great achievement man, and not weak, " small Kui although similar to the big Kui cow Gao Ma Da Dun, obviously compare the big Kui has calculations many, "otherwise also beat however 45 big fellows."

Huang Xiao E's words just on finishing saying, the Du flew to see Chen's some first tiny colors to change and then say with a smile:"The younger brother also thinks lives in the village that didn't contend for with a life time here bottom, however some matters, the younger brother have to do and also hoped elder brother's wife to forgive!"

Spoke of words for the first time, say of still that.After coming out black hole, the boy released the girl's hand on his/her own initiative.Two people's faces all have some to flush, but the facial expression has already obviously relaxed.

"Can't, did you unexpectedly promise?You really talk, can say your boyfriend is lucky, I how don't meet you, however you promise to seem to be also to have no function of, your boyfriend of other how many women would like to so?"The jade sounds out at the male sexual of ask a way.

"Ha ha."Seeing car Xuan a station a bit tiny is angry, the Du flies ha ha on smiling, then take out a hole mansion to open front door the card, then and car Xuan station 2 people come out, again use to close a hole mansion the card.

"Do not relate to.I will slowly and step by step untie your all doubtses, you have what problem, though of ask, I take pleasure in answering for you very much."That corpse, for the time being still calls that it is a corpse, look in the eyes in, take a smile.

Is public to feel the vehemence that the leaf sings breeze, this arrogant Ling Ren, shocked remaining was also subjected to encouragement and let out the vehemence of oneself in succession.On this sea beach highland immediately the vehemence is astonishing, make people don't dare to force to see.1,000,000 people give a long whistle, numerous strong Ling Ren's vehemence makes four country allied troops this place the vehemence greatly increase, the naval battle and river before seeming door Yi Chuan sneak attack of the shadows all disappear from their hearts, their confidence soars at this time, which afraid face again strong opponent they also have the confidence to necessarily win.

"That steps up.The resolution that the five planets parliament in"Xin Ji's president of association smiles to order, then signals hint Du to fly to follow him to walk to go upstairs, " needs to be decided has already delivered to come over and go up to take with me a , see mental preparation first."Say to have already taken Du to fly into he is on the second floor etc. room.

Resist for a sky, the Chen unsteadily stood, the hands exchanged before chest, in slowly way:"Tiger Si slices wildly!"

Time isn't long, a body form the short small Dun is solid, the upper lip has the man of a beard and waited on after death to walk to come in in that.That inside wait on is to kneel down to salute to Li Yan first, see after Li Yan signals hint him to get up that man remain a station over there absolutely still, not from of harsh voice drink a way:"Bold slave sees my emperor unexpectedly still don't kneel down to salute?"That man is contented don't fear to proudly to at first say:"I green farmland one man is the descendant of sunshine absolute being in addition to sunshine absolute being and our country big outside don't kneel down to anyone."The person who is called green farmland one man sunshine the person obviously just learned the language of ten square mainlands, public cut and polish along while just listen to understand his meaning.

Love was the only one who stayed. Love wanted to hold out until the last possible moment.

Is suddenly a burst of the absolute being entreating read to stream into a small gold to open in the brain, gold is small to open one Leng, immediately responds to come over, this should be that eyes are strange the absolute being sent out to read.This thing has no language and can't talk, either, but directly depends on absolute being to read to also inform a some faintnesses of meaning.

I say that I want Australia, I can not to person, Xu Nuo, whom I love, and he looks well happy.So, I give up.

After the Li Tai this time words finish saying inside in the whole house leave respiratory voice, owner all at deliberate Li Tai this sentence back of meaning:Mainland several a hundred years come have never taken place what presentable war, if is serious to have what war signal is also East China Sea of the courageous empires to follow line usually is come from harassing of insularity, but the large-scale military transfer has no.Li Tai unexpectedly borrow° from other empires a soldier and how to not makes people feeling surprised this time, if even wants courageous empires to lend a soldier so the real strenght of the opponent have to be what astonishing, but basically have no influence in the mainland can let the four greatest empires cooperate.

I ever and thus and sadly once loved a person and loved for 5 years.It isn't long nor short.Experienced whole life most deep-rooted of pain.He is my whole life stops here of unique a men.Is also a lasting regret in my heart ……

The month of the Long is cold and the jade of Lang Ye, suddenly turn to make one Cang one two red quickly passing times, the naked eye can not argue of speed, around resist to accept Xian to round to turn, together turn to make two, two become gradually must, two kinds of colors of, gradually will resist to accept Xian to surround, lead to resist to accept Xian all strength, seep through to go in that diaphragm.

Indeed as expected, the Du flies although the shot is lousy Liu Lao Gui's head, he didn't die, the in a little moment controls a dollar baby from force open of drilled out in head.However toward Du to fly to early there is preparation, Liu Lao Gui that secretive dollar once the baby come out, frost works properly Ding then the milli- Don't mention it opened widely mouth, dollar the baby had no to obstruct ground to absorbed into

"Boon?"Finish listenning to a green explanation, the Du flies immediately stunned speechless.

The speed that the cold pole ice condenses is the quickest, haven't waited card to pull to respond to come over, already and the gold is small to open together, be frozen at ice-cubes in, completely can not move.Afterwards although the gold is small to open to break ice but,the card pulls but still keeps having never taken off to trap, drive a bit of is cold pole the ice pen.

Meet elder while walking, hurriedly walk to come forward to salute a salute, if back first when the elder didn't talk with us respectfullly polite respectfully stand in one side, let the elder walk over there first.If oneself is to ride a horse, meet elder and then should dismount, if embark vehicle and then should get off, make the elder first past, after waiting for about leaving us 100 distances, oneself just ascends a horse or gets on the car.

The wave Be green to embrace from the ground, the Du flies to use to work properly to know to scan her whole body and discovered that all of the source of vitality have no, obviously dead!

The leaf sings breeze along with the enlargement of war idea, each time the one punch each feet well the like superlative poetic art of move having the strength to leap a ground country sort, and making moves is general, gold just Fu evil boxing but display not to come out.Although don't know why the leaf sings breeze feels that the attack like this suits himself/herself more.Thou surname brothers that is like crazy the evil drunkard is general of the stick method and leaf sing breeze this kind of not darned dozen method, far and far see go to good three bedlamites are general.The leaf sings a breeze left hand on flicking to block the brass rod that the thou hurtle to a part, same time right shoulder a bump to bump a thou more retreated several steps, immediately left leg ground the right leg sweep exact center a thou to hurtle of under the rib.Got this a thou of feet certainly and strongly sinking Be blunt to immediately and painfully pour to absorb an air conditioner.Blunt just adjusted the time of good breath in the thou a feather arrows was like to rush thunder to generally shoot, is exactly the eye of Li Li to see organic to multiply by the feather of projection of arrows.The feather arrowses of original Li Li all from thou Xin, a Chinese family name block bottom, but make along with the increment of the Li Li feather arrows speed thou Xin, a Chinese family name is a bit hard up for cash, but Li Li this arrows but is at ancient bitter old dint with leak SONY for living moment projection, so ancient Xin, a Chinese family name basically can not for ancient blunt blocked this arrows.The ancient blunt eye sees the feather arrows inherit to a body form one Shan but is finally slow one step, the feather arrows accurately in the clout his shoulders.

Chapter 25 old friend(next)

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Comme pour le reste des choses , sa propre promesse d'aider Xu Xi Yuan Feng faire , Xu Feng , ne vous inquiétez pas , laissez Xu Xi Yuan et ceux officier Xialiao

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