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Chapter 1 is evil to bite to appear(up)

"Is you?"

"Hey Hey, your boy looks status quite good, how does oneself feel?"The summer is crazy the mouth smiled two, for own of the achievement be still relatively satisfied with.

"I think to discovered one working properly grass, who want that seeing is bad."Face Du to fly to wait the vision that the person explores, Chen Shi Bin literally sought to lend and then continued to start to rush through road.

"Thank elder generation!"The wolf demon sees the Du fly in the hand of work properly a stone, the eye neutrally engraves flash across one silk in raptures.His attribute is gold, have these to work properly a stone assistance, get into a half demon to expect(the jade liquid of equal to monk expects) a root no longer is what problem!

The chapter 4 star thief organizes(up)

"Walk quickly!"2 people can not consider of to stop over more again, try very hard to of outwardly flee elsewhere to go out.The monster made track for several steps, sudden foot 1 stumble and very heavily fall down on the ground.Was in need of to gobble up the influence of checking the strength, the variation of monster body had already started producing variety.That monster wretchedly after roaring several voices, the scale on the body is unexpectedly big slice of big slice of of drop to drop down, the whole body starts festering at the same time, not and in a short while of effort, this huge monster has already turned the liquid of making a black.

That cigar been shotted down by the clear absolute being religious section in times before empty boat, actually among these big groups of a , only understanding inside story true state of matter all the death ray already, leave these seamans all just in the grass-roots part-time job.

Although Xin Bo is a sponsor of alliance, can his real strenght but isn't the strongest, finally be arranged little soldier.However, Xin Bo to this have no disaffection, because he knows, even if the organization with no him, the mineral area finally will also appear this circumstance, he can therein divide one cup thick soup now and have already been regarded as Be getting more quite good.

Hear the evaluation that the Du flies, Lee is just some to in astonishment took a look him, then has some to suddenly say:"I poured to forget, you were to almost become a world the successor of first financial group, this little nature money couldn't see in the eye!"However immediately he again a bit missing ground of say, " is unfortunately evil force the group is the financial group of other nations, not agree with to match a bid condition.Otherwise you if developed a game, make for me to cheat an account number to play when the time comes great!"

Hear after this phrase, the base commander came right away spirit, will also throw to the daughter's remembering fondly of brain after.The outside cosmos theory is always a military authority at study of topic, theoretically speak, the outside cosmos should be existent, unfortunately studied don't make progress for several a hundred years, suddenly hear wave green to mention an outside cosmos now, base commander immediately sensitive get up.

Say a leaf cloud Qian holds Lin Mu Xue's hands, Lin Mu Xue hears a leaf cloud Qian act with due care and respect so of appearance, the in the mind is also to have a not good felling, at heart flash across innumerable of possibility, certainly concerning jade at male of also therein of.

"Be that method that is like this kind of to crave for momentary capability to greatly enter just is drinking Zhen to quench thirst?"Listen to the true person of great white crane speak the side effect of medicine, the eyebrows of the underneath elders is wrinkly in succession to get up.

Because Ma Jun goes the small Du in the memory flies of the shape present, he suddenly discovers a problem, that is him memory in of the small Du flies, unexpectedly with at present this fixs for don't know deeply

"Elder generation follow me, please!"After the gold Dan expects to manage to just carefully conjecture Du to fly now, discover with his fix for after still seeing not and deeply the other party, immediately express respectfullly polite respect.

This time, the doll heard the in the mind going.

Left YG, the Du flies to fly to return to Z country all the way, then literally lands to a city and sought the contact location that the green city sends.But after waiting to lift the green city focal point that the leg moves forward that under the disguise of curio store, the Du flies then a milli- Don't mention it bright identity.

"Police's uncle said that notting to want on the highway beats feeling to scold Qiao!"Du's flying to seem don't see six green stretch to come over of hand, but in a serious manner say.

."The jade finished saying that at the male for direct time he or she's room to go.

When waiting until Du to fly to arrive to big bridge was last, at the right moment see the guy of that silver hair is weighing a boxing to bomb toward Han Qiu Ya of before the chest, feeling urgently under, he then used his own body for Han Qiu Ya block next this shot.Like matchless and violent in the his body, the guy of that silver hair beats his chest, not only didn't can harm him, on the contrary drive own boxing strength anti- bite, hurtled to break better arm.Henceforth he sees that guy want to escape, then the milli- Don't mention it made track for to catch him in the past and knocked to break the remaining three limbs.

Because the leaf sings breeze and Lee to handsomely join to make black tunic person's pressure greatly increases, the tunic Xiu brandishes of already rather originally so natural and unrestrained from such as, the scope defending also livings to rarely narrow half.The distance sits upright at the big on the rattan chair see personal square of the offensive is smoothly unusually naturally very happy, but seven kill a bursting upon of to make him tiny to seem to be some astounded, however immediately and then with release however, after all those nine black tunic persons of the real strenght is all equal to ten squares five ranks are strong in the mainland the level of .However this kind of released however dided not keep on much for a long time and then thoroughly became furious, after that black tunic person gets into seven to kill he always close

Six attacks that increase cannon not only the power is endless, and noodles' still containing very peculiar smash strength there , under the function of that strength, is deep-fried to fly up the clerk of the works that the half gets empties almost is helplessly looking at his/her owned body to unexpectedly become broken bits gradually!

Swept to sweep horizontal seven Shuses eight lie on the ground to miserably don't already hum many hatchet men, the Du flies to take back vision,

"That has what can we help last busily?"For just the gentleman see leave succeed in escaping from him of matter, wood Huai although the run on a bank lived a car Xuan station,the run on a bank faces Du to fly to still keep having some compunction and listen to once he say listen to and then speak to inquire a way now.

"What is the Sa second person exactly?Is different from our the common run of people?"The gold is small to open some differentiations that not too understand my noodles.

"Certainly, we but entreated to fly one degree elder for a long time!"The Kai is a hard working achievement the highland say.

If the jade sees on coming in at the male the business here of owner return is really like, positions almost Be getting fuller, this still kept leading high peak to expect, true if around 6:00 come, affirmation connect sit of place all have no.

"Skin.The "the Louis Si master lightly says, then two eyes stare at Du to fly a way, " person is getting older and then more and more hope small generation all at nearby, I has already lost two pupils, I don't hope to lose you again.Are you getting more understand?"

Smell speech register the monk conjecture Du to fly and use again to work properly to know cautiously fish for he carries on the back all of a sudden up of car Xuan station after, this just continue to inquire a way:"Which group are you ?"

"Dong!"Finally succeeded, the Du flew to by leap and bound stick down to just invoke of spirit motion, then again title see in the moment and pretty a stone warrior.

"……Such, that appreciates not to exert."

"Zhi!"The entrance of airport suddenly opens to come in a car brigade, before or after tenth, speed to lengthen one Lincoln to protect betwixt.

Be like, is love.But I express a milli- to have no knowledge, the appearance of doesn't matter.I don't know as well I how can so, so false, so not true, clearly likes him very much, care that very much look in the eyes and concern, but outside performance is so inhospitality.Probably I still keep insisting the standpoint in past and still keep stubbornly thinking:If he likes me and definitely visits relatives to tell mine.

The gold is small happy medium to whisper:"I have already guessed."Ask a way again:"Meeting why does someone assassinate you?"

.If body up reborn scale, on the head again grow an antler, that is absolutely a China the absolute being dragon of the legend!

Match huan bell, win a rank way machine, the main effect is to cast a glamour and control the enemy's consciousness, as for time length, then want according to enemy my both parties' mentality contrast.

Fan Jia the Mo is silent.

'But why did you ask him to meet you in the garden instead of in the house?'I asked.

"The all things of the universe are salty empty, true a return me."

Thought of here, the gold is small to open dollar the blade that the dint infuses to note into a month in, month blade immediately like a clear light sort dazzling shining!The ray of light projects light upon in the past, cave deep place of dark a sweep but light, peeped out those to conceal at darkly in the middle of living creature.The gold is small to open after seeing pure those thingses, not from must pour to absorb one mouthful cool spirit.

Listen to the small male respect the words of farmland, although greatly parts of ninjas all Fen in heart however, but dare the Nu not dare and talk and prepare to start doing live, don't think a way that endure and suddenly volunteer to help especially, respect a farmland suggestion toward the small male:"The small male sky endures, we come to Z country so long, seldom kick back and enjoy.Since have already opened half time party today, that finishes opening calculate!Since tomorrow, we again hard be on duty at post, until is eastern

"Say and have what matter?"Stopped a step, Du's flying didn't turn head, but lightly asked a way.

"We have to

"!Virtual realistic technique in"six green suddenly should a , push the breakfast dish to the Du to fly in front, then walk to him to sit down in front, the full face excitedly says, " only one devotion is applied, that absolutely with created a new world similar, by that time ignore is work or amusement, all will be fast convenience a lot of!"Make reference to here, six green suddenly air a dark, a bit low fall to the ground to say, " regrettable I am about to go to self-discipline, otherwise I the definitely momentary feel that new world!"

Of boy, I know.You are really realistic to slice to walk into my life, can I always have never stepped to once go into your life.This is my woe, my regret.Is 15 years old that year, I fell in love with you, and think that you also fell in love with I and will keep on having been loving each other so.16-year-old that year, I have to decide to forget you.Graduation ceremony that day, I threw into this"love" desert, I chase you and threw into desert.17-year-old that year, I in mind discovered you again, originally, ever since that time left you, my heart, have already become desert.But you were just covered with dust just by me.I spend two years again to forget you, result, I lie on the university quiet dormitory in, all of the full brain are you.

But maternal fourth said is heavy, so near and yet poles apart, more profound then, this has already touched the rule place of God's way and makes use of rules in a sky, so near and yet poles apart, all in the all arise from one wrong idea.

Fantasy inside, is that have already passed away several years of youth's story.

"Good!"See the Suo pull Bo although the tone is some to make blunt, the rice space didn't also dispute and smelt the speech point nod a way, " achievement of radicle boon household, the parliament will record in the official records and wait hereafter develop new cosmos, radicle boon household be have a !"

tell you.Perhaps you know that I married a man who was very cruel to me.I hate him and I wanted to get a divorce.But a divorce is expensive,and I had no money.I thought that if Sir Charles heard my sad story,he would help me to get a divorce.'

"Ally?"BE considering a technical matter of light brain in the brain, the Du flies to suddenly hear a to help the son the researcher to speak of their allies.For this words, Du

"You stand dry here what?"Although is luxuriant to just express respectful however polite, but the wave is green pretty much vigilance.While at the beginning living a store, they is and this guy has conflict, he now preparation revenge?

Vegetables green insect after inflating, more and more of excitement, the flight of body absolutely has already turned to make a naked eye difficult see of quickly passing time, roar and shout at red light in bump around.The gold is small to open and finally discover, the vegetables green insect isn't to blow breath an inflation, but it unexpectedly absorbed that red finally would become the shape of ball only!

"The problem is how can anyone know them, unless your teacher or dint believe in of ancient way friend reveal this news to go out, however I think that they are perhaps not so silly!"Hear six green analysis to lie a matter of very havings, the Du flies to smile, a few words spoken overthrows her analysis later on.However the Du flies a quilt six green this reminds and deliberates a short moment in the heart, discover an affair if thus development, seeming will make him control the plan of Peng Lai faster, just have to get to promise first he ability crest live an emperor Ge and evil palace both side allied put together of pressure, otherwise don't say to plannedly display, afraid of the lives Be all difficult to protect!

The gold is small to develop the shot of , target is just under of few top 100 summer clan soul, hope to go from the side, imitate a Buddha is that the gold is small to open body up bloom cave form light of one in multiple layers bright brilliant half cover, the facing keeps on folding a cover under!

"Like, thoroughly realized to just seal the thing that the benefactor brings you for a while, don't be ungrateful to somebody else one intention."The Fan Jia Mo order way.

"E."Looking at at present sheepskin book of more than thousands, the Du flies one Zheng, due-out now give a Ma Si master after having already come forward to start turning over to seek, then and helplessly touch tip of nose, come forward to together turn over to seek.

He would say nothing else.

No matter is in seven Yao cities still on skies all the city is all result to zero.Isn't only this, oneself still continued to meet with to twice assassinate, and second time if not that the assassin finally manipulates of fell through the sign line light monster to burst upon an abnormality, oneself is perhaps true of will die over there.

"The thing is to account, the proper matter raises, Premier it with the reason, degree it with the feeling, reasonable and proper but, such as feeling but, much proper many then, be little little then!We can make of, be act according to circumstances, you have to protect your I water, in fact also easy, shine on to seal to more leave say of do be."Water is 1000.

The gold is small to open fierce one hair dint of foot, the distance moment of 45 meters is then crossed over by him, the hands"Pa" of a then grasp at elder brother Hu's arm up.

"Listenned to rather the explanation of Peng, the Du flew to see with half an eye to come over, the dynasty is a little bit public to nod a way, " that China Be strict to be dealt with by me tomorrow, however leave of, do you have confidence?"

"How do you find out mine?"The gold is small to open some oddness.

The gold is small to open to stretch hand to knock to knock wall, felt to isn't very thick, pondered a way:"Should be.Although don't know this wall to actually is to what things make into, however presumably can use to bite crystal come to break."Say to raise to let out that ownly biting is crystal, prepares to open hole on the wall.

If use the words that the language of the image a point describes, the function scope of this golden light seems a layer of atmosphere of invisible and only be apart from a ground to combine not high, overalied into the whole Earth completely.The energy core that produces this kind of function is exactly this golden light, although doesn't know the movement principle of this thing,absolutely is containing astonishing huge energy!

Just returned

In my felling, that strength seems a regiment to send forth the light source of sting taste long grass ……however see from the shape, it is what living creature to seem to be really."

"BE?Do you think that only do you just living a valley to have scheme towards floating?Our green jade's falling isn't bad either, the main green night is very busy, have no time to have regard for here now, so good opportunity, we green jade fall to how can pass up this opportunity?"Secondary rainbow clothes satisfied way.

"What is the Gen mood ?"Seal Ling Wen Dao.

The strength rushed and swerved about madly inside the tooth Liao body finally beginning slow down, those strength along a veins and arteries, finally remit Be gathered to the lower abdomen part of tooth Liao, condense into one regiment.After all strength coagulate be over, the tooth Liao slowly opened eyes, the together aureate ray of light suddenly and violently shoots from his double the eyes and, a strong vehemence also immediately flows out now at the same time.

"The Du elder need not be over-courteous!"See the Du fly to change a form of address, Chen Shi Bin then knows he, the this time purpose at last comes to a, the Han head smiles to return to 1.

"Absolute being!Absolute being!"Sea that is drawing up a Luo basket person's women by chance raise head, at the right moment see appear fly in the Du of part and then shouted with the speech that Lin Wan Er hands over to them.

1, 1 people have already living and then had dead, but as long as you are on the hoof, will keep on living by the best way.

After opening fight several fields, smuggle loss miserably heavy, all at last hid.But the person of clear absolute being religious section until just think of at this time, making track for the affair of seizing the heathen didn't°yet any result.However wait while turning head again to look for, they those heathen-is also butcher big Long Deng Ren, all have already thoroughly sold a Ni

"The mountain of the south, you become nervous so ground to seek me dry what?Have never seen me is accompanying Du elder generation!"From the lord house on going out, inside's Xiao south cloud facing Xiao south mountain complaint way.

However forbid a dollar sign line to produce result by this time.

"Five elders recover a black Ze star this time, you but take the credit into Wei!"Make with fairy together rush through of three elders, see five elder idea the spirit float in the sky of appearance, see four elders of one face dark again, unbearable a bit sour puckerily provocation way.

The jade says after hearing the small voice of cloud Qian of leaf at the male:"Smile what smile, you return qualifications to smile cocoa, time that you twice add still not arrive cocoa a time long, whether think still come once, not I to you once opportunity to prove I's real strenght."

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