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"So."The gold is small to open a point to nod, say with smile:"That like this like, I believe in the name of Zhang door by pole ice and accept you to be a younger brother

Bright green dollar sword, the Du flies to urge purple crystal sword Jue to fix to attack for the monk of gold Dan that differs most , the toe lightly orders later on, the figure imitates a Buddha to split one many divide time generally, rush toward that direction at the same time.

"I also think for the plum is successful in career, can not is to save her so, but harm her!"The building is handsome be flown by the Du a , immediately jumped and roared a way such as the similar great anger lion, " I tidied up that Lee super, help an inside I with the plum don't can be getting more foolish, can we have no culture

"Think!How to don't think!"Include little monkey at inside, the public public sentiment arouses an anger:"Leaving affirmation is dead, if the words escaping perhaps still have a ray of hope, if you have a way, we affirmative support!"

"Old younger brother, lead for some days we how many old guys prepare party once, don't know that the old younger brother has interest together?"After waiting Du to fly to finish returning a gift, the Dan dust son suddenly flew to send out an invitation to the Du.

Black hole inside, they

Chapter 5 is quiet for the dry gentleman it to put~to death hear

"Boon."Looking at at present ratio pretty stone warrior the shape is pretty much better wild stone warrior, the Du flies a point to nod, then sends it to return to.

"Do you get ready?"Proper crazy Hao because owner in the bar thus know interesting but satisfied, an icy coldly the voice suddenly ring out in hall in the bar and immediately let the owner in the bar not from beat cold war.

"Have no how much, time four countries can also ascend battlefield after competing for hegemony now of enough, however still need to invite everyone to help some real trump card troops to just go."Li Tai just a little considers to say for a while.

Have found a cause and effect, the Du flies to become clear suddenly in the heart of remaining, then turn over a lane to have the thing in the ring.

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