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Cheers to all! Jeers to none! Cake for some?

Calvin & Hobbes, Doonesbury, Ziggy, Foxtrot, The Far Side, Cul De Sac, Lio, Ink Pen, Non Sequitur, Boondocks, LaCucaracha, Oliphant, Toles, Auth, Argyle Sweater, The Duplex, Pooch Cafe, Stone Soup, Real Life Adventures, In the Bleachers, Garfield, Elderberries, Tom the Dancing Bug, Bad Reporter, Heart of the City, Flying McCoys, What the Duck. So many good comics.

They just need to add Luckovich, Dilbert, Pearls Before Swine, Get Fuzzy, Frazz and Speed Bump and I wouldn't need anyone else.

Viva Calvin! Viva Far Side! Viva Boondocks! Viva Foxtrot weekdays!

Why can;t we have Clavin reruns in the newspaper?

If I ever got syndicated, I rank my desire to work with the syndicates thusly:

!) Universal
2) United
3) Washington Post
4) Creators
5) King
6) Who else is there?

I like Lio and Non Sequitur best!

Calvin, Foxtrot and Cul de Sac!

Hey Universal is almost as old as I am!

Universal has a wealth of great cartoons. They are the Pixar of newspaper comics.

I do not like the comic called Mutts. I do not get it.

Why do people even need a syndicate anymore. If I had a great comic I would do it by myself.

Because, my dear Fox, syndicates bring joy to the world, and Pooch Cafe to Hong Kong.

Glad to have been a part of a few of these 40, and congrats.

Nicely played, Lucas! And I couldn't agree more! Now what are we going to do about the person who came hear to complain about MUTTS?

This is what happens when Senor B. Amend tweets about this post.

I do not like the comic called Dane Cook. I do not get him.

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40 years! Congratulations to all the terrific folks at UPS, especially Lee and my editor Sue. It's been an honor to work with you these last dozen years, and be part of such an amazing lineup of talented folks.

Here's the the next 40!

My list for syndicates to lobby (and lobby and lobby) was---
1. Universal Press
2. Universal Press
3. Universal Press

My association with them has been a dream come true. The best people, the best cartoonists. And yes, thanks to syndication for getting Stone Soup in places like Shanghai and Singapore!

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