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I think Ben Stiller, funny as I think he is, could learn a thing or two from Tom Gammill about making a humorous, tight video.

Gammill's sense of structure and timing remind me of Penny Marshall in her prime.

I worked with Penny on the "Bugs Bunny's Looney Tunes All Star 50th Anniversary TV Special" (CBS, 1984).
She DOES have good timing. You can see it on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection, Volume 2. Also has
appearances by Bill Murray, David Bowie, Friz Freling -- it's great. Max and I wrote it with Greg Ford. TG

Gammill's resume is nothing!
I once worked in an ice cream parlor for about 3 weeks -- before it went out of business.
Check, and mate, Tom.

And sort of looks like Penny Marshall.

That should read: "...and Tom sort of looks like Penny Marshall"

aw, forget it

I just don’t see how the right solution can be so tightly disciplined to a dollar figure. By all means, recognize that a problem has a cost attached to it, and therefore the solution must be limited by that financial context.

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