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Just to be super clear JG, -- yeah, I'm a dolt -- the GoComics web cartoonists are ineligible, correct?

I was thinking of rewriting and redrawing 4 gags used in a previous webcomic...does that count as "new"?

Does it need to be a strip or can it be a single-panel?

LT, Imagine This is not eligible.

JP: I think it would be hard for the judges to track down and compare, but it's ultimately a discretion call on your part. Look in your soul, JP, the answer is there.

dang, my soul is too moral. Back to the drawing, err I mean writing board...

@Rich -- either is accepted.

JG -- Yeah I figured that much about "Imagine".

I actually meant since I have a strip with GoComics, I can't submit something completely new, could I? From what I've read, I'm ineligible to participate. Is that right? Just checking.

LT: As I read the ELIGIBILITY RULES it would appear to me that you as an independent contractor of the "Sponsor" are NOT eligible. If you interepret that line differently let me and I'll bring up to the lawyers. -JG

Thanks for the clarification, it was actually quite useful! I hope that the questions posed by the cartoonists don't come off as skepticism on sites like the dailycartoonist and webcomics.com, but more as cautious enthusiasm for the contest.

Thanks again!

JG: That's how I interpreted it. I was just quadruple checking, just in case there was a loophole I may have missed.
Thanks, JG!

What happened to Saturday? Is that a new "day of rest" for cartoonists??


Shabbos baby

Do you prefer your bribes as cash or Travelers Cheques?

(In all seriousness, this is very exciting...)

Just to clarify ... 10 dailies and ONLY 10 dailies? 2 Sundays and ONLY 2 Sundays? ... No more or less??

From a submission POV, I was being serious about my Saturday question above.

@MikeCope I think the limited number of strips is brilliant. They will (in theory) be swamped with comics that they must process quickly. That should make it easier to sort through those.

What would be nice though is ANOTHER 12 strips at each stage of the contest. That would whittle down the contestants even more.

I'm excited to see what you come up with, Mike. I really dig your style.

And I want to point something out about cartoonists like Lucas T. and the other folks who have converted to GoComics from Sherpa and thusly been excluded from the contest.

This was not a decision U/U made. The lawyers insisted that there would be a conflict of interest if we allowed cartoonists under contract by any division of U/U to enter. The intent was not to hurt feelings or to reflect on your work ... it was a legal issue.

John Glynn,

Legally I guess it makes some sense to exclude all GoComics strips from the contest. However, what's stopping you from just syndicating one of the better strips such as "Imagine This" anyways. You don't need a contest to do that. Please stop acting as if your hands are tied. It's downright insulting.

I guess the answer comes down to whether we think it's ready for syndication ... not whether you do.

And there are other factors to take into consideration besides the quality of the comic. Such as other comics we have in development, other comics being launched by competing syndicates, saturation of certain genres, and many more.

Look, we've never claimed to be infallible in our editorial judgment and we've passed on a lot of blockbusters in the past. And if any of those gocomics-exclusive creators came to us with a competing syndicate offer, we wouldn't stand in the way if we weren't interested. (sorry for the double negative).


I apologize for my post. I'll admit it was pretty harsh. Your answer makes a lot of sense. Again, sorry.

Aaron, no apology necessary. It's a bizarre and frustrating industry.

Thanks, Lucas. I truly appreciate your comment.

JG: Will the single JPG files be presented "as-is"? Or will they be reduced in resolution, cropped, and/or "cut to pieces"? The contest rules don't give any specific formatting requirements, so I'm wondering if something like a 900px width is safe.


In #3 (g) not include the creator's name in the content of the Feature Collection;

Could you clarify what this means?

I took this to mean I couldn't name the comic "MyNameToons" or something. Someone else said it means you can't put a copyright notice on it or even "by My Name". What about a signature?

I would hate to be disqualified because I put my name somewhere in the jpg.

Thanks, Frank Zieglar

Frank: My own signature is pretty clear and legible, and so, as much as I hate to do it, I'm Photoshopping it out of the art. I think the idea here is that they want the comics judged (and not the name of the creator).

Of course, some of us have developed a cartooning style that pretty much works like a signature, so that will be unavoidable :)

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