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8 x 3 = ??

Wait, that's a trick question.

In #3 (g) not include the creator's name in the content of the Feature Collection;

Could you clarify what this means?

I took this to mean I couldn't name the comic "MyNameToons" or something. Someone else said it means you can't put a copyright notice on it or even "by My Name". What about a signature?

I would hate to be disqualified because I put my name somewhere in the jpg.

Frank Zieglar

Frank, it has something to do with the title of the comic and self-promotion. They've borrowed a lot of these rules (including collaboration) from their unsigned Novel Contest. So with the caveat that you'll always get he full legal answer via Amazon and their site ...

They want to prevent comic titles like "John Glynn's Comic about John Glynn's Hilarious Stories about John Glynn's Trip to John Glynn's (no relation) Dry Cleaners " by John Glynn

You can certainly put your signature in the body of the work and insert (c) info in the margins.

That's what I assumed thank you for clarifying that.

Is anyone else having trouble uploading? I've tried six times and it gives me the same non-descript: "There were the following problems in your upload" message...

Nathan, for tech issues probably best to use the above e-mail or go to the forum on the Amazon page. Might help if you list exactly what "the following problems in your upload" are. Thanks.

Thanks, John. The problem is that they aren't TELLING me what is wrong with the upload! That's all it says. Awesome.

Also, no one on the Amazon page seems to be answering any questions.

They're working on it now. I promise we'll get your stuff in.

JG, any idea how many entries so far? want to make sure it doesnt hit 5000 before i get mine in.

I've tried to upload my comic strip submission well over 20 times for the Comic Strip Superstar Contest at Amazon.com. I took the advice suggested on the discussion board and tried to submit a single 8.5 by 11 jpg at 1.5 MB.

I'm extreamly disappointed and frustrated at this time. I worked very hard on my submission only to lose it on some technical glitch at the last minute.

I've uploaded to the Comic Sherpa site before and I know my way around Adobe Photoshop, so I fail to see that it is a problem on my part.

I entered the contest thinking I could be the next comic strip superstar, but if the site won't upload my completed and on time submission, we'll never know.

Kirk, my comic was 8.5 x 11, at 300dpi, and was 3mb as a file. I don't know if this could have any affect, but it was laid out in a tall format, not a long format. I didn't have any trouble uploading mine though. First try and it went straight through. I don't know if any of this helps you, but I just wanted to let you know in case it might help.

You still have the rest of today to get it in, so keep trying! Sorry you've had so much trouble though. :(

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