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Uhh...didn't they spell McMeel wrong?


Mmm, "McMeal", now I'm hungry. Wonder how late the fast food joints are open on this fine, fine, April 1st...

Check today's date (I only know because someone told me).

But that coffee cup story is horrifying.

Okay, you got it.

This actually did throw me off this morning, though, when a colleague saw it on our company's homepage and pointed it out to me. We actually went outside to look at the sign and see for ourselves if it was real or not. Once we got out there and realized it was a joke we felt like fools. Especially since someone had already rearranged our keyboard letters and put tape over our mouse lasers. Such are the pitfalls of working for a creative company.

Happy April Fools.


Does a Lio Plush come with the McMeal?

OK, ya got me! Nice Photoshop work!

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