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I personally think that Mr. Harrell is doing a first-rate bang up job.
Rob is a pro, through and through!

Seconded, and then some!

I think Mr. Harrell is doing great work. I think actual writing has gotten better. There have been more laugh out loud moments in the last few weeks. I know the theme weeks (were it was about the same picture each day, just a different joke) were getting a bit stale.

I enjoy the new Adam, and I LOVE RED & ROVER! Thanks to both you guys for the humor you both bring to us each day,and the people who said FU need to get a life! They don't belong on the comics pages, because they obviously don't know how to enjoy life or how to laugh!

I couldn't have said it better, Mark. Rob's doing a great job.

From the editors @ Universal Press Syndicate: Adam Evolved

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