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rusty trombones

Dutch ovens.

I say, the more fart jokes the better. Frankly, I'm partial to turd jokes.

A classic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDb_l5dXsfg

I didn't think of it as a fart joke. Stink bugs have a defense mechanism, same as skunks. Is every Pepe LePew cartoon a prolonged fart joke??

The "let 'er rip" part is what made it a gas-based gag.

The Belgian Creamer

"Good Push" -- A “Tip-of-the-Hat”, if you will, after a bystander passes gas in an egregious manner.

Taboo for newspapers?
God, let me get my list out.
Let's see...

Pot smoking chickens.
The urinalysis of a pop culture icon.
Blind jokes.
Jeffery Dahmer gags
Anne Frank (you don't want to know)
Anything that includes the phrase, "touched" by an angel.

I could go on, but I think my fingers would get tired.

The Potsdam Pudding Cup

Cleveland Steamer

butt cracks

meth mouth

gay muskrats

obese people who care too much

the elderly in bathing suits


Operation Shave the Amish

No insertion

Linguists who are strategically clever ....

What the heck ... man oh man, a guy goes out for a ham and cheese sandwich and the whole place falls apart. Come on people, keep it respectable.



prison marriage

dirty sanchez


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