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Happy Birthday, Susan.


Sorry, so late. but sincerely wish you have a good day, Susan.

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Nice pictures.
Happy Birthday, Susan!!!

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this place is nice.. secluded.
looks just a tiny bit messy but maybe it'a just because it's fall. i think summer would be magic there :)


Susan, I must admit, now that I've seen the photos and read your blog, maybe I'm a bit inspired to Glamp for a weekend...especially since you did and raved about it. Glad the bathroom was indoors. - Suzanne


What are we going to do for your b'day next month?? I'm ready!

Nancy Stewart


Being part of your birthday bash, complete with Susie narration, photos, and friends, was the most fun I've had since you were in Broadway, Va. Wish I had been there, except when the propane went out! Ohhh! Those mountains get COLD!

Next year? I'm thinking. I hear that the New River Gorge has zip lines.


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