Alien Invasion by Ruben Bolling


January 29, 2017

Join Tom the Dancing Bug's INNER HIVE, and help fight Trump


Join Tom the Dancing Bug's INNER HIVE subscription service, and


more the DOUBLE your INNER HIVE sign-up charge will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union, which currently engaged in the critical fight against Donald Trump's discriminatory policies.



For more information on the ACLU, click here.


When you join the INNER HIVE, you get each week's Tom the Dancing Bug comic emailed to you at least one day before it's published, along with commentary, puns, profuse apologies, preliminary art, palindromes, additional comics, "content", yummy recipes, architectural blueprints, folk remedies, secret treasure maps, etc.  The cost of membership is only $11.95 per six months.


And through 2/7, when you pay that $11.95 for the first six months, $25 will be donated to help defend our rights against Donald Trump.    


How else can you get exclusive access to stupid comics AND help the journalists of world and the U.S. make their countries a better place to live?


To join the INNER HIVE and help the ACLU, click here.


Thank you for your support of Tom the Dancing Bug and everyone's Civil Rights.

-Ruben Bolling





ACT NOW (i.e., through 2/7) and you'll also get a high-resolution file of the below comic, which you can use to produce a high-quality print.

1322cMC view from trump tower 2



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