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December 01, 2012


This is priceless.  


Bill O'Reilly notices that the Gangnam Style video has gotten 800 million views on YouTube, so he decides to train his analytical eye on it, inviting psychiatrist Keith Ablow to help him out.               



What does this video MEAN?  Ablow says some people will dismiss the video as meaningless, but not him.  After 800 million views, there must be some meaning there.  And for him that meaning is: people crave meaninglessness!    


After all, the words in the song are "unintelligible."  Don't tell our fearless cultural analysts, but the words are in a non-English language called Korean.  I can picture the two of these guys walking around Seoul, saying, "Everyone here speaks gibberish.  I guess they crave meaninglessness here.  Sign of the times."


O'Reilly laments the lack of meaning and substance of internet phenomena like this:  "The internet is a place where people want to numb themselves."  It sure isn't a place where people want to go to do a 30-second Google search to find out what Gangnam style means before going on national TV and pontificating about it for five minutes.


Not that you need to do a Google search to get the general gist of the actual meaning of the video -- it's simply a satire of the glorification of wealth.  And it's very effective and funny.  It's silly, and not exactly deeply meaningful, but its intention is absolutely, obviously clear to anyone spending more than a couple of dismissing seconds glancing at it.


And then, the money shot:  Bill O'Reily's "YONG YANG" comment.  Is he trying to say Pyongyang?  If so, (i) that's in North Korea, where it would truly be a meaningful political statement to make this video, and (ii) the artist's name is Psy, but not all Ps are silent.


Note: at the point of that comment, O'Reilly is comparing the inherent entertainment greatness and English-speaking caucasian-rifficness of Elvis Preseley, vs. this "little fat guy" from [insert oriental slur, or dericisively mangle the pronunciation of a city in a neighboring country] jumping up and down."


Truly, this segment is a masterpiece of lazy, egocentric, racist cluelessness. And I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it became so popular it surpassed Gangnam Style as the most-viewed video in the history of YouTube.


Thanks to the great Greg Pak (@gregpak) who pointed this out on Twitter.


 [Edited, to relfect the possibility that O'Reilly was attempting to make a reference to Pyongyang when he said "Yong Yang."]


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