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May 07, 2012

This is all.



From the incomparable John Hodgman's endorsement of the INNER HIVE:


"For the first time in culture, we may all become patrons of the arts that we love, at a comparatively low cost to us, and at a comparatively INCREDIBLY HIGH BOON to the creator. 

This new relationship is worth celebrating, and not apologizing for. It not only helps you get the thing you like into your own hands, it helps the thing you like to CONTINUE, and it ensures that your taste is reflected and relevant in the culture at large. 

SO DIG DEEP, FANS OF GOOD THINGS, especially those you can pay for directly. You have nothing to lose but mediocrity."


Thank you, John.


UPDATE:  The amazing Neil Gaiman too!  


"I used to spend 20 dollars a year on TOM THE DANCING BUG collections… Happy to support him and pass the word…"


Wow.  Thank you, Neil.  Everyone else:  JOIN THE FUN!



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