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November 16, 2011

Protesters, Terrorists. What's the Difference?

Apparently a group of senators are pushing a provision into a military funding bill that would allow indefinite military detention of suspected terrorists, whether noncitizens, legal permanent residents of the US, or US citizens.


One would hope that this would be struck down as unconstitutional by an objective, nonpartisan Supreme Court.  Maybe we'll get one some day.


But we can trust the authorities to only detain real, bad-guy, murderer, "24"-style terrorists under this law, right?  It would never be used in an authoritarian way to silence domestic dissent or remove undesirables, right?


Interesting that there's a report that the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY  was involved in the planning (at least) of the crackdown on the Occupy movement, although it's hard to see how that operation on peaceful citizen protesters fell under its purview.


And interesting that it's been reported that the New York City police used a COUNTER-TERRORISM pretext for the media blackout of the Occupy Wall Street eviction.  As reporters were being pushed away and/or arrested, one was told the area was a "frozen zone," a term typically referring to an area that's being secured because of possible terror threats.





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